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Monday, December 2, 2019


Pound sand Knadless Knucklehead Kangaroo Kourt Fat Face Fascist.

POTUS rocks! Fuque those m'fing house demoncRATS, shove that witch hunt BS right up your ying yangs GTH. Trump is good, very good. I can't tell you how repulsive that m'fer nadless is, low class punk bitch. His fat face needs a 2x4 to straighten out that stupid arrogant look on his face.


Nadless gasbag goose step gastro stapled SFB leftist loser. Who in the fuque do you think you are??? Pound sand, oh I forgot you can't bend over to pound sand or your gas bag will explode.

I love the fact that this POTUS fights back against the scum leftist demoncRATS. If he capitulated to this crap he would legitimize this circus. I knew he would tell them POUND SAND!!!!!!!!! POUND SAND POUND SAND POUND SAND POUND SAND POUND SAND HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
I have Firefox set to open up on Pocket, a feed of articles of various subjects I have chosen. One this morning was "Why Trump's Base Won't Abandon Him" but I didn't need to read it; it's things like this impeachment sham that are one of many reasons he'd literally have to kill someone on Fifth Ave. before I would quit supporting him.

I had an exchange with some lefty woman last night on Twitter; she was slamming Melania for those revealing photos taken 25 years ago saying we now have the first "First Slut". I countered with the FACT that if it had been any Democrat's wife who had, the photos would have been "of a wonderful, brave woman" and for us to lighten up, they were "art", etc.

(I also had to mention that our last first "lady" was no lady, either figuratively or maybe not even literally.<grin>)

The left also counters with "Obama was treated just as badly." Uh. no. I never saw the vitriol from the right that the left levels at Trump and even if I'm so biased I could not see it, there's no was in hell anyone - ANYONE - cannot say that Trump is treated a million times worse by the media.

What the left is experiencing now is blowback, plain and simple. They need to STFU and tread lightly because it's not just you 'n me that are furious. They don't like Trump's rhetoric? They'd better not give you or me a soapbox, huh?
Millions of us have been waiting for a POTUS like DJT to fight the left.
I never thought I'd see one. I was a Cruz supporter, voted for him in the primary, but he's only grown a backbone here lately and that's due to Trump's example, I reckon. He's still far too nice to counter the hateful left and I'm now glad he wasn't the nominee...because we'd now have President Hillary. <shudder>

What I find amusing is the "righteous" indignation from the left over Trump and the right FINALLY standing up to them. You can only call us "deplorable" and "bitter clingers" just so many times.
I was a Cruz voter also, I also voted for DJT, and I will vote as often as I can for DJT, I am DJT. Lest we not forget we are a cult!!!!!!!!!!
I'll certainly vote for him again, not a single regret, not in the last election nor that he was elected.

I used to cringe a bit when I'd read his Tweets, wished he wouldn't do it so often, but have since realized it's a quick and easy way to respond to his critics and not have to constantly do press conferences.

I LIKE his "rudeness"; it's about time the left got a taste of their own medicine....no spoon full of sugar with it, either.

I also embrace the term "cult", too, although neither of us really fit the bill. If we're part of a cult, then so were the swooning, slobbering Obama supporters or those who embrace the "climate change crisis". (and Taylor Swift/Justin Bieber fanatics)
Just saw the funniest boomer reference to nadless......ready.......wait......."Haystacks Nadler" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, in reference to "Haystacks Calhoun".
I was but a young child then, my dad took me to a wrestling match at the Washington Coliseum to see the likes of Bruno Samartino, Professor Tenaka, George the Animal Steele, Haystacks Calhoun, Killer Kowalski, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobo Brazil....

My pops rocked.
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