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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Oilfield Math WOW!

I just got this and it looks correct.

Oilfield Math

Think of it this way:

A clunker that travels 12,000 miles a year at 15 mpg uses 800 gallons of gas a year.

A vehicle that travels 12,000 miles a year at 25 mpg uses 480 gallons a year.

So, the average Cash for Clunkers transaction will reduce US gasoline consumption by 320 gallons per year.

They claim 700,000 vehicles so that's 224 million gallons saved per year.

That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.

5 million barrels is about 5 hours worth of US consumption.

More importantly, 5 million barrels of oil at $70 per barrel costs about $350 million dollars

So, the government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars to save $350 million.

We spent $8.57 for every dollar we saved.

How's that working for you.  Amazing.

Now they tell us they will do a great job with health care reform making it more affordable, cost effective, and cover more people.

They have got to be kidding. Clean house in 2011 and elect someone who knows what a calculator is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I want to know why.

Why in the world don't they call it what it is..................the NUCLEAR OPTION!  They keep calling it......... reconciliation.

Sparkin' one up 

Does this look like reconciliation?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Illegal Immigrant Buying love joke.

You may have seen this but if not...
Sex With an Illegal Immigrant - -

An illegal immigrant picks up a hooker.

"Hey, how much you charge for da hour, sister?" he asks.

"$100," she replies.

In broken English, he says, "Do you do immigrant style?"

"No" she says.

"I pay you $200 to do immigrant style."

"No," she says, not knowing what immigrant style is.

"I pay you $300."

"No," she says.

"I pay you $400."

"No," she says.

So finally he says, "OK, I pay $1,000 to do immigrant style."

She thinks, "Well, I've been in the game for over 10 years now.

I've had every kind of request from weirdoes from every part of the world.
How bad could
immigrant style be?"

So she agrees and has sex with him. Finally, after several hours, they

Exhausted, the hooker turns to him and says, "Hey, I was expecting something

and disgusting. But that was good. So, what exactly is immigrant style?"

The illegal immigrant replies, "You send bill to Government."



Monday, February 15, 2010


Getting raped by local, state and fed. govts.

In a nutshell this is why I rail against the salaries and ridiculous pension plans of the govt. workers (your rip off neighbors) I've got a couple, they need to come back to EARTH.   Nothing made up ever.  From a radio show in a nutshell.

":"How's this for an investment?" As a public union state employee, "you pay a total of $124,000 into your pension plan," over your work life, "and, upon retiring at age 49, you receive $3.3 million in pension payments and $500,000 in health care benefits. You receive $3.8 million in total on a $124,000 investment.  Or this:  You pay a total of $62,000 towards a pension plan and absolutely nothing for health care (medical, dental and vision coverage) over your working career. Upon retirement, you are paid $1.4 million in pension and $215,000 in health care benefits. You receive $1.6 million on a $62,000 investment.  These are real world examples from New Jersey's crushing public sector union retirement plans paid for by the state's taxpayers. Republican Governor Chris Christie is demanding drastic actions to prevent New Jersey from falling off the precipice and into full-fledged bankruptcy."

When I see stories like this, and I've always known the Democrats are inexorably tied to public employee unions and so forth, even I, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-feeling, all understanding Maha Rushie, was still shocked to learn just how deeply in bed the entire public employee union segment is with the Democrat Party and what it's really all about.  I've never had any doubts about why unions unilaterally support Democrats.  I just had no idea the extent to which they had been purchased.  I mean, I had no idea that this kind of stuff actually happened.  It is this kind of information, folks, that is going to trigger an uprising demanding elected officials rein in tax dollars propping up this kind of crap.  I mean this is just unsupportable, it's unsustainable.  And this is what the Democrats have done, and it's not just New Jersey, it's California, any number of places, and it's killing these states.  There are seven states that are facing true financial hardships, and Florida is one of them, California is another, New Jersey is big. 

They have these obligations that they're not going to be able to meet, especially with the unemployment numbers that exist in all of these states.  And the stimulus money, this is what the stimulus money was for, was to keep this kind of thing going.  That's why all these pictures of crumbling schools, they're still crumbling, all the unemployment keeps going up, the stimulus slush fund was supposed to have shovel-ready jobs, that's not what it is about, it was and is a flush fund and the majority of it's going to be spent this year on just this kind of stuff, making sure that these public employee unions in the states, teachers, whatever they are, don't get laid off and don't get fired or what have you.  And it is breaking the bank.  Now, this is the kind of stuff that ought to be in stump features for all Republicans running in 2010, as long as this exists.  It's indefensible.  This is tipping point kind of stuff."

This is what the stimulus monies are being used for,  to support these absurd rip off govt. employee pension plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Whoopsie! Say it ain't so!

Could a groundhog know more about the weather than Phil Jones and Al GoreVidal.  You betcha!


Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

By Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 5:12 PM on 14th February 2010

Data for vital 'hockey stick graph' has gone missing There has been no global warming since 1995 Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes

Data: Professor Phil Jones admitted his record keeping is 'not as good as it should be'

The academic at the centre of the 'Climategate' affair, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate change, has admitted that he has trouble 'keeping track' of the information.

Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers.

Professor Jones told the BBC yesterday there was truth in the observations of colleagues that he lacked organisational skills, that his office was swamped with piles of paper and that his record keeping is 'not as good as it should be'.

The data is crucial to the famous 'hockey stick graph' used by climate change advocates to support the theory.

Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no 'statistically significant' warming.

The admissions will be seized on by sceptics as fresh evidence that there are serious flaws at the heart of the science of climate change and the orthodoxy that recent rises in temperature are largely man-made.

Professor Jones has been in the spotlight since he stepped down as director of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit after the leaking of emails that sceptics claim show scientists were manipulating data.

The raw data, collected from hundreds of weather stations around the world and analysed by his unit, has been used for years to bolster efforts by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to press governments to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250872/Climategate-U-turn-Astonishment-scientist-centre-global-warming-email-row-admits-data-organised.html#ixzz0fc0CG0U3

Friday, February 12, 2010


Punxsutawney Phil was right!

Smartest groundhog East o' the Mississippi!

snow plow aftermath 

Buried the sidewalks I cleared!

snow plow aftermath1

Big stinking pile of global warming, I think H2O vapor has more to do

with global warming than CO2 does.

snow plow aftermath3

Now get to work!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The barometric pressure picture 2/10/10 9PM.

Here it is, look at the dip from the artic, look at the low pressure moving out to the Atlantic!  Wouldn't want to be fishing anywhere near that!!!  Lowest recorded BP in tornado was around 850mbs. (25.5in.) I believe.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Signs of global warming!


Signs of global warming.


Global warming broke one of our cypress trees!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Rerun, shortened version.

In a nutshell smaller version of happened,  I really don't know what to think,  since they've (meterologists) having been wavering all day.   Right now we've got about 4 more inches of global warming what do think is going to happen from these two very current links,  will it rotate? will it stall? will it go out to the Atlantic? Will NY, DEL, NJ, get hammered?  Will we get smacked again?...........

here is the current radar national loop http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/index_loop.php

here is the barometric pressure gradients:


Pick 3 is easier than this?

Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh no! There are still 17K people w/o power!

Global warming just doesn't know when to stop.

next round  

http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/index_loop.php  just like the last one!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Pepco Rocked Out, Delmarva Saved The Night!

Well, my adulations to PEPCO were premature, 15 minutes after I posted the last snowmageddon update we lost power again!  Coulda used some serious global warming night before last!,  you could see your breath by 1 PM yesterday in the kitchen! I have a gas stove and had a couple of large pots with hot water steaming to try and keep some warmth.  Kerosene heater will be purchased shortly.  Anyway the power was restored yesterday at 6PM just in time to watch the Saints win the Super Bowl.  The crew that fixed our neighborhood was from DELMARVA POWER and they were greatly appreciated,  I went out, found the crew and thanked them.

Losing power makes you realize how lucky we are with all the creature comforts we have,  keeping warm, using the computer,  having a refrigerator,  microwave, etc..  I kid you not if we didn't have electricity we would want global warming big time,  I mean like real hot, steaming, warm, toasty,  burning global warming.  And sure enough there is another storm on the way,  the kids are out for the next couple of days,  and all non essential govt. employees are off,  YAY!


Saturday, February 6, 2010


3:30 PM & PEPCO ROCKS! Global warming does not.

We lost power around 4am this morning,  and they just got it back on!  Sweet!  Kudos to PEPCO!  The house had gone down to 530F  we are still getting hammered the drifts are over 4ft.  I live at the top of a T of two streets so the snow travels up when the wind blows East,  I blew snow for 3 hrs.! I did mine and 2 neighbors and got it so we can walk around,  the massive front end loaders have gotten the street once and they are calling this SNOWMAGEDDON!  One more time before it gets dark again.

Snow street 

Front door facing west.

Back deck right side  

My grill will not be globally warming anything tonight.

Friday, February 5, 2010


11:30PM update out the back deck.

The snow is coming down 2-3" \hr.  wind 20-25mph.  global warming is really kicking in and I can't wait to spark up the global warming snow blower in the morning, it is a 2 stroke Toro with soft tines that spin near 1500 rpm and blow the globally warm snow near 30ft. any way I point the chute!  I don't know, but it is supposed to be globally blizzard like all tommorrow.  Looks like about a foot right now.

11:30pm deck

Friday, February 5, 2010


7PM snow report out on the driveway.

Here it is the first pic. of this evenings global warming event!  The boat is covered by a tarp bow to stern it has snowed 4 inches at least!

Boaty w/snow7p No deadliest catch tonight!  Vikings were bada$$.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Mass Hysteria Caused By lack of Global Warming!

Goodness gracious!  Oh my God!  What in the world makes people freak out when we are going to get significant snow in the next couple of days.  Incredible,  some person ran a Stop sign today and thank God I wasn't texting,  thank God and Toyota for ABS!  Please can anyone explain this nuttiness,  the shopping centers are mad houses, people are driving like maniacs!  Please global warming come back and stop this terrible white stuff that causes loss of common sense and patience!

Here it comes!

The monster cooling


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