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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This is exactly what is wrong with the Feds and the IRS.

This is enough to make any taxpayers blood boil.  God bless Trey Gowdy,   we need 535 Trey Gowdys.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


The truth.

The truth is, it isn't about demoncrats or repubics,  it is about fascist demoncrats and the alternative.  The alternative is anything other than a demoncrat fascist regime that has brought America to where we are today,  and it has to end yesterday.  All Americans are becoming Americans again and are not happy with the fascists in charge,  the fascist govt. has to be eliminated and the people to be free again.   I can't wait for harry, nancy, and barry to go bye bye.

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US Flag

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Another race baiting hoax.

The student wrote the crap on his own door.

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No No

Saturday, March 22, 2014


This is what the NSA should be doing.

This they got right, they are the 1000 year enemy,  not US citizen cell calls etc..

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Yes Nod

Thursday, March 20, 2014


White house gets questions before press briefings.

Goebbels personally  trained this fascist administration.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Rangling at the beach...your tax dollars at work.

whaleFor perspective.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Report: Premiums rising faster than eight years before Obamacare COMBINED

Yeah you will be saving on the average $2500 per family annually. fuquing liars.

clicky here: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/18/report-premiums-rising-faster-than-eight-years-before-obamacare-combined/

Amazing stuff.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Another event the troll would never post.

This one just happened:


Sad sick basturds.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Will not be reported on the mainstream.

Oh whatever............ you don't need cable, cell, phone, water, gas, electric, car, internet etc. so adjust your budget to pay for healthcare BECAUSE NOW IT IS MANDATORY!!!!!!!!!  And those other things aren't necessary and won't be fined for not buying,  what a GD a$$ho1e. And you dummies that voted for this jerk once, did it again!

This is from a latino media interview:


No Pity!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Sketchy ACA.

Remember this yesterday:


Oh yes there are less uninsured people today than yesterday.........I have a bridge to sell you.

today in the news top of Drudge report, middle column.


If they were to be on Medicaid anyway.............why do those 900,000 have to pay?????  Cause they voted for free sh1t and nothing is free!!!!!!!  and these same people will keep on voting for the demoncrats.   And WTF 4 million people is 1% of the population and there will still be 40 Million without Hcare doesn't that seem strange?


Sunday, March 9, 2014


Marketing by tactic.


One buzz word in today's business world is MARKETING.

However, people often ask for a simple explanation of "Marketing."

Well, here it is:

* You're a woman and you see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and say, "I'm fantastic in bed."

That's Direct Marketing.

* You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a handsome guy.  One of your friends goes up to him and, pointing at you, says, "She's fantastic in bed."

That's Advertising.

* You see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and get his telephone number. The next day you call and say, "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed."

That's Telemarketing.

* You see a guy at a party; you straighten your dress. You walk up to him and pour him a drink. You say, "May I?" and reach up to straighten his tie, brushing your breast lightly against his arm, and then say, "By the way, I'm fantastic in bed."

That's Public Relations.

* You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He walks up to you and says, "I hear you're fantastic in bed."

That's Brand Recognition.

*You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He fancies you, but you talk him into going home with your friend.

That's a Sales Rep.

* Your friend can't satisfy him so he calls you.

That's Tech Support.

* You're on your way to a party when you realize that there could be handsome men in all these houses you're passing, so you climb onto the roof of one situated towards the center and shout at the top of your lungs, "I'm fantastic in bed!"

That's Facebook.

* You are at a party; this attractive older man walks up to you and grabs your ass.

That's former President Bill Clinton.

* You like it, but twenty years later your attorney decides you were offended and you are awarded a settlement.

That's America!   US Flag

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Beyond the pale.

At the second hearing today for the IRS targeting 350+ conservative groups but didn't target a single libtard one,  the disgusting criminal X IRS offcial plead the 5th repeatedly again and again.   Daryl Issa gave up and adjourned the meeting,  watch this video and  you without a doubt be saying "she did it again!"  This *'ing bitch and the rest of the corrupt cohorts in this fascist low class criminal organization  need to go jail in Guantanamo for the rest of their #$%^ing lives.  That lying *itch disgusts me and needs to be *itch slapped to tell the truth.   You or I can't even plead the 5th on a Gd###m parking ticket 3UQUE THESE pQUING A$$HO!E DEMONCRATS!!!!!!!!!  Elijah Cummings (DMd.) could be the son of Heinrich Luitpold Himmler.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We have a winner!!

From an email:

Famous Presidential Lies 
Written by, To The Point News

GHW Bush:
GW Bush:
And the biggest one of all:
I believe we have a winner!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Those crazy commies and their stupid gun laws.

This is what happens when sick violent basturds bent on killing know that the people (victims) can't defend themselves or fight back.


from the story:

The far western region of Xinjiang is home to a simmering rebellion against Chinese rule by separatists among parts of the Muslim Uighur (pronounced WEE'-gur) population.

Uh oh!


Hit With Stick


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