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Friday, October 7, 2011


The astro turf protests.

The truth is very educational.  The whole thing is a construct of the fascists in charge,  not for long. NFL.  Do not believe any of the hype,  the numbers of useful idiots,  or propaganda spewing forth right now from the $hit$tream media.

This explains the connections from the Blaze website.

The connections.

She doesn't have a clue what she wants, she just knows it isn't capitalism, she's doing what she was told by Soros and co., quick story, we got a kid at work from Albania, he's here on a PELL GRANT, NOW THOSE KIDS GET THE MONEY, BLAH BLAH BLAH, Not him..see Albania dispences his pell grant money as they see fit, they took his money, thats why he has to work to eat, he goes to school where they tell him and lives here where they tell him, he is not allowed to smoke, per Albanian rules.
HE TOLD ME IN HIS COUNTRY THE GOVERNMENT DECIDES , WHO GOES TO SCHOOL, WHO WILL BE DOCTORS, WHO WILL BE GENERAL LABOR, WHO WILL BE TEACHERS, They have little or no say so in their lives, if he defects, it could mean serious problems for his family, even death.
If this is what that stupid bitch wants, maybe we should start with her, and when she's not allowed to open her big yap, maybe she will reconsider the freedom she once had.

Sully ...THANK YOU for your comment...it appears that you and I are always on the same page regarding alot of these postings...
Right on sully.
Just what big gov't wants for us.
Thanks Tip and Jap, These kids have no idea the true agenda they are supporting, They think they are sticking it to the rich....wrong, they are helping to cost all of us our freedoms.
I can't watch the video but I saw one of the idiots on tv saying that the problem is that the rich people have all the money and if they shared it with the poor people we could all buy American products and save the country. LOL. He was serious too.
This just goes to show that the liberal teachers and the liberal news media can brainwash dummies but after all that - they're still dummies.
Thanks for all your commentaries. Even the lefties are mum.   I don't think they know what capitalism is. Ultimate irony>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The astro turfers had to $PAY$ non English speaking Latinos to carry signs they couldn't read!!!!!! Right here in D.C................................I'm tellin' ya' they are corrupt to the bone.   But wait!!!!!!!!!! Their U.S. Park Service permit runs out Sunday>>>>Laugh hard, long time. Gotta love the Dept of Interior. Watch someone "fix it".
Isn't the USA a great place!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carry a sign and get PAID$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. No questions. Money talks BS..............................
These morons are trying to re-create the French Revolution, only they don't know it, they have been lied to and are being used, right out of the playbook, many pundits called this move over a year ago, next comes the violence, when they rile the mob to incite violence, I sure hope someone goes after the organizer/ers.
Yep! If you want to know who the organizers of these protests are I posted it on my blog on Aug. 20th. Here's the link again to that article:

(could it be BO & Co.?)

The beautiful thing is they are an infinitesimal fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of America....................nothing to see here, they will fester in their excrement and run home to mommy and daddy for a shower.
@TAngel Thanks! Yeah been in the works!
Once again you people are dangerous,speaking of freedom there is no people who can appreciate it as the Black American who has been here for centuries. I never hear anything about those sorry a$$ money hungry Republicans. It seem funny how you pick and choose what part of the govt. you want out your life. Just the same you don't want people to have a choice, don't want equal pay for the poor , don't want people to choose their own religion without it being question, don't want people to marry who they want.The majority of you are gun toting religious hypocrites.Having more tendency to lean toward fascists then any Demoncrat. You want this country to be rule by tyrants .No! what you want is another Civil Wars.Oh !tyranny running rampant in theGOTP. And you wonder why! we don't like conservatives.Just listen to yourself glowing with uglness and hatred for your fellow man or woman. If they incite a riot, lord knows you people have enough gun to defend yourself, since President Obama came in office you brought enough to fight world warI and world war II and the civil war.
Fleabaggers and parasites, they don't want equal pay for equal work, they just want a bundle of someone elses hard earned money handed to them. The truly greedy are the people who think they have a right to spend others people money anyway they want,
what the point, you can't fix stupid.
@ louise How many centuries have you been here? I don't hate anybody, I hate ignorance and you are a brilliant shiny example of unadulterated racist bigoted ignorance.
Louise, with all due respect, Detroit used to be a great, world-class city. Then the Democrats (liberals) took over and instituted all their policies for a few decades now. Don't you see how that turned out? Do we have to see the country destroyed like Detroit was before we wake up? When you keep demanding that the "evil rich people" keep giving more and more and more to support lazy people, the rich people will leave and take their jobs and money somewhere else, just like they did in Detroit. Do you think it's a coincidence that they're making American cars and trucks in Mexico now? I hope you will join me in voting for and electing our first Black President, Herman Cain, in the next election and not that incompetent bungling idiot we have in there now. He hasn't got sense enough to pour piss out of a boot.
Piss n' boots! Mancat! LMAO.
Sorry ,Jarasan my roots run deep what about yours? Who has fleas and parasites better get that check it can get infectious.I can' wait for the next greatWHITE HOPE ,we know he can fix everything according to you people. He fixed America by getting rid of it's natives and fixed it by kidnapping ,buying,and trading people to make this land plentyful in merchandise and profits while they sit on their a$$es for 200 yrs.Now!who's lazy, find another word that one won't work!LOL! won't work.
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