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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Unbelievably tactless and tragic.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  This guy could give a ratz a$$ about the murder of soldiers,   he gives shout outs for 2.5 minutes!  If you don't think last weeks photo op at Andrew's air force base wasn't a photo op, think again, in addition, only one family gave permission for the pix.

In this speech he talks about himself as the commander in chief MMMMMM,  MMMMMM, MMMMMM, stands for ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.


Sounded dispassionate and scripted to me.
Konane - this is one time he should have gone off script.
There's something seriously wrong with anyone who took this message as anything but a sincere expression of this tragedy.
There is something seriously wrong with someone who watches this video and doesn't understand the insincerity and self centered massive ego maniac this president is.   This is scary, he is right up there with Nero and Narcissus. To blithely sit there and shout out is incomprehensible if Bush had done something like this there would be hell to pay.
Every time bush went before the cameras about Americans having been killed he was smiling or had a that stupid grin on his face. Yea he was so sincere it stunk.
GW has been already been to Fort Hood visiting with victims and the grieving. And I believe he would have gone there as President ASAP. Let's see if your messiah shows up in TX.
" There's something seriously wrong with anyone who took this message as anything but a sincere expression of this tragedy. "...
There is something seriously wrong with a President getting involved with local police depts because a brother was arrested. When was the last time a President ever got involved? Never, until this jockey opens his mouth.
   Then invites them to have cheese and crackers at a "barbie" table, while another puppet looks on.
Ask this cop who if he thinks potomas is serious..! He'll tell you he stinks and rightfully so, he had first hand experience with Poto.
    Yea, he's about as serious as an Armadillo propped up with a "lone Star", beer beside it on the side of the road.
If anyone saw President Bush smiling while discussing Amercican deaths, that is what they wanted to see.
   Get your heads out of your posterior and look what is happening. Look past all the rhetoric and try to see beyond the end of your nose. What you will see if you look far enough ahead is the future banana republic in which elections are won or lost at the end of a gun. Is this what you want? Keep pushing government as being the only solution and soon we will have the kinds of elections Mexico used to have.
    Look at Iran today. The people are fed up with their dictator disguised as a holy man. They are revolting in the streets. They have too much government making decisions they want to make for themselves. We should not, we must not, we can not allow that to happen here.

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