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Thursday, November 5, 2020


The Constitution and elections

When the framers of the Constitution wrote in about voting they only designated when election day is and left it up to the States on the rest of it.

They left it wide open for voter shenanigans by the people or party in power in a state to implement their voting laws or regulations.

The framers left it wide open for steal the vote.

It's nothing but hysteria from the republican party because the votes are being counted it's pathetic. There are observers that are watching in Georgia, Arizona etc.   The herd mentality that the election is being stolen is ridiculous. We saw this back when Gore was winning and the republicans got the federal judge to give them the victory with hanging chads. No because they are losing its file another lawsuit.   Wow!   What ever happened to dignity and class??
Several republican senators are cringing about the hysteria of the election is being stolen. Marco Rubio and others said that all the votes need to be counted.
Now the election results will decide a winner but the republicans decided to file several suits that will drag this on forever. Another bush,gore situation sue and give me the election .
Yes, all the votes need to be counted.
That is the talking point I have heard in the last couple days.
I will add to that talking point.
All the LEGAL votes need to be counted.

All these talking points of no illegal activity going on in our voting system is totally hogwash.
This proves the herd mentality is wrong. There is a record amount of mail in ballots during a covid pandemic in addition to the regular votes. The poll workers go through a backround check and face penalties if there is wrong doing.   Years ago I was a federal observer and I didn't see any wrong doing by voters or workers. So these false accusations brought up by the republicans are ridiculous.
This proves the herd mentality is wrong. There is a record amount of mail in ballots during a covid pandemic in addition to the regular votes. The poll workers go through a backround check and face penalties if there is wrong doing.   Years ago I was a federal observer and I didn't see any wrong doing by voters or workers. So these false accusations brought up by the republicans are ridiculous.
I legally voted at the county court house over two weeks before the election and there was a distinct process for checking IDs, handing out ballots and watching voters place the paper ballot into the vote counting scanner. The paper ballot I was given was similar to lottery play slips and it clearly said "fill in the box". After filling in six boxes, I was told to place the ballot into a scanning machine again similar to a lottery self-serve vending machine.

Our state law and Secretary of states decides what are LEGAL votes regardless of unfounded claims with no evidence fools like Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump make. As of now Trump is losing nationwide by over 3.5 million votes and counting. Their arguments without any evidence are exactly the same some lottery player say when they lose; "they rigged the drawing".
The Pennsylvania mail in votes were not allowed to be counted early. So we have to wait.   The poll workers in the remaing states are doing a great job. Absurd claims and lawsuits are not going to stop the vote. Its a record vote so it may be days or weeks.
The Gangs Of New York
As far as I am concerned the Constitution designates the day of the election.
Appear in Person to vote on election day and make your vote. That is it.

As far as those incapable to get to the polling place they can have enough portable electronic polling machines to take to various locations with monitoring staff. On election day.

Oh Really; the first presidential election held from Monday, December 15, 1788 to Saturday, January 10, 1789. The Federal law said "any time within a 34-day period before the first Wednesday in December". And even after the election process was changed by the 12 Amendment, elections lasted more than a month. Forty years later in 1844 the election was held from Friday, November 1 to Wednesday, December 4, 1844. Voting on the same day began in 1848 after the invention of the telegraph.

FYI, each state has their own elections laws, early voting is nothing new and some states allow it to start 45 days before the November in person election date. Vote counting, canvassing and certification deadlines are set by each individual state. The only real deadline for states is the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December when the Electoral College votes.

BTY where in the U.S. Constitution does it designates the day of the election?

Trump has caused alot of hysteria since he's behind in the election and has bogus claims of stealing the vote. I just saw on tv that two men were arrested with high power rifles that were going to attack the Pennsylvania building where the votes are being counted.   Trump needs to man up if he loses the election and tell his followers to calm down and grow up.
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