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Sunday, June 30, 2024


Presidential candidates

What says that a Democrat needs to be on the ballot for President?

There are other candidates running for President from other political parties.

The Democrat Party can be tossed into the history file like other political parties in the past.


Sunday, June 30, 2024


Time lapse [watch it grow]

Makes you wonder what came first. The seed or the plant?


Saturday, June 29, 2024


Alphabet agencies take a hit.

This is big. No more of this alphabet agencies creating laws.


Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Drip, drip, drip


Exposing more and more day after day.

Dirty rotten scoundrels.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024


The truth trickles out, drip , drip, drip

Where did the 2020 election investigations go?

Wednesday, June 19, 2024


House project update

Ended up building a new stringer for each side of the bottom pull down attic stairs.
Needed to fabricate a new pivot hinge for one side. I removed the original pivot hinge quite some time ago when the stringer busted and I fabricated a temporary pivot hinge with long tails to make the stringer workable for the time being which was quite a few years ago. Must have lost the original somewhere or it was broken. 

Anyhow I put on the pivot hinges and connected them to the stringers above. Everything works fine except the new pivot hinge is off somewheres because when I fold up the new stringers to the ones above the new pivot hinge side does not allow the stringers to fold flush with each other. The new stringer section is usable for going up and down except it does not fold properly.

I will get around to finding the problem on the pivot hinge and remedy the problem another day.

What next?
Have a rear 12x12 foot deck that needs some decking replaced. A new deck board here and there. Also need to take apart an old 3x4 foot elevated planter box that is sitting on the deck.
Built the deck about 16 or 17 years ago and very rarely used it after the first couple years. Only thing it is used for now is for my garden planter boxes which I wrote about in my blog some years ago. I gave up on growing vegetables in the planter boxes and have been planting perennials in the planter boxes.

After that I will move on to some interior projects. Got the outside projects done before hot weather set in.

Sunday, June 16, 2024


Gonna water the grass seed and new sprouts

Been having quite a dry spell with hot weather drying the ground up quick.

I better go out and give the newly seeded area a drink.

Do not see any rain in the forecast until Thursday or Friday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


House project update

Went to store yesterday and purchased a small jar of colorized wood filler to fill holes on handrail mounting board.
Also purchased an 8 ft piece of 1x4 firring that had a clear section with no knots to repair the pull down attic stair bottom stringer that got broken years ago. Firring is knotty but I took the time to sort through the pile to find the piece I wanted which had about 6 foot of no knots and remaining 2 foot was knotty.
I have been leaning a step ladder against the top section of the pull down stairs and tied it up real good so it would not slip out from under me. The bottom section which folds down is still connected to the top section with one stringer not damaged.

A new pull down attic access unit cost about $200,00 or better. Plus the time to remove the old one and set in place the new one. All that is too cumbersome for me to handle plus it is generally a two man job. If I hired it done it would be about $500.00 or better to replace the whole unit.
So I will fix the stringer for the cost of the 1x4x8 firring strip which was about $3.00 and my free labor. If I hired a carpenter to just repair the one stringer would still cost a fair amount of money with the cost of labor these days. 

When I went to the store a few weeks ago to purchase the three panes of glass I did not realize the price Each pane would cost. I asked the price after they were cut and handed to me. $17.00 each. I almost did a Biden while standing at the checkout paying for it.

When I feel up to it I will work on those two projects.

Update 4:50 PM

Filled the predrilled holes for the countersunk  screws. Choice of color matched perfectly. Can not see where they were unless you know where to look. Got to get your eye up close to even see where they were filled.

Sunday, June 2, 2024


House project update

Leg is healing just fine.

Hand rail in hallway done

Grass is coming up in old walkway area.

Will take some down time to regenerate myself.

Have other projects to do later on.


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