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Friday, October 18, 2013


Pres Obama is mad

My Obamacare website does not work. Bang Head

It is the republicans fault. Green laugh

Heh,Heh,Heh, I'm surprised he didn't say it was Mr. Bush. but then again consider the source. He has never manned up...!
Bush, Cheney, and the ghost of the gipper are hackers and it's all their doing.
I am not surprised that Obamacare website does not work...NOTHING has worked under this administration...!!!
Problem is "WE" have spent almost $200 Million to a Canadian Company to implement and TRY to fix it. I have nothing against Canada, but what happen to buy it in the USA!
My real fear is that is will be "HACKED" and everyone's information will be stolen. Just think, if they can't get a web site to work, how good will the security be.
Did you ever see anything the community organizer that really worked, besides stirring up trouble between the races? He is one sick jack-ass.
The truth of the matter is the that race crap started with the Republican Party. If they had call out the crazies when they started the race baiting and monkey pictures carried by Tea Party. Beside we all know the very institutionalize racist attitude of the Southern States(red states)and some racist attitudes in pockets of purple and blue states are the reason for all this stupidity. The President isn't mad because he has God on his side: these things too will pass. Now I would be PO if I was always being put down, when I have achieved the highest job of the land, but being disrespected to the highest by unqualified individuals. It's alright to criticize or even critique the policies ,but no personal attacks.
First of all , wake up and smell the coffee, the statement of " The president isn't mad because he has god on his side " is totally asinine. For someone to even think this stoolie has God in his thoughts is totally ignorant to the fact that he has done more to demoralize Christianity than any other person alive today. His god is someone else. Do everyone a favor and think before you engage your thoughts to others...
They just want to have fun making fun that the Obamacare website have glitches. So let them. That's all they got right now. They were shamed in not being able to stop or defund Obamacare and the lost caused even a greater divide in the GOP and people are really pissed at them right now and want this kind of thing to stop. They stand a chance to lose all and get booted out in 2014 which is exactly what happened right before Obama got elected the first time. People were tired of the crap then. The only truth I've seen in this is that a Canadian Company was hired. I feel it should have been an America Company, bad as we need to keep our jobs in the country.
No, the only thing we have right now is a bunch of Idiots who claim every Republican is shamed because they were defeated. Another asinine statement from a low informed voter of color. Was Fig Newton shamed when the gun bill was defeated? Was he shamed when he was whupped in 2010 for his blunders that cost him seats in the Senate and House. Oh yea that's right I'm a racist for bringing that up too? Have you ever really sat down and thought of anything intelligent to say?
Come back after you see the Movie " Remember the Titans " ..
Alinskycare is going to collapse on its own.
Obama better not waiver the individual mandate or fines now.
Did they shut down the government because they were defeated? I didn't think so. And the Affordable Care Act was not a bill that was defeated - let me remind you, it was the LAW of the land and the shame is the TEA PARTY CRAZIES shut down the government over a LAW already passed by the Supreme Court. They couldn't stop it after 41 appeals but used the American government and debt ceiling as hostage to extort it's funding. AND GOT NOTHING! Even after amending the rules to their favor. That's not governing, it abuse of power and crazy. Shameful and sad. It's like what Aretha Franklin say "Until its Time for You to Go" The GOP should win an academy award for that cause I know they couldn't have been serious. Ted Cruz especially, "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" had nothing on him cause that's the only time I've ever seen anybody do some s*it like talk for 21 hours. In the freaking movies! Ya'll should try the funny papers.

I'm pissed off because the president lied to me and personally attacked me!

He said if you like your current policy you can keep it. Well that turned out to be a bunch of BS.
Now he is trying to force me onto an expensive policy that I don't want. My current policy covers the Hospital and pays 50% copay on my doctor visits. I don't have durable medical or pharmacy coverage or coverage on a lot of other things. Obama does not approve of this and wants to force me onto a policy that covers things that I don't want coverage for.

My current policy pays for the Hospital if I ever have to go in so all I have to worry about is getting better. The policies he is forcing me on have out-of-pocket annual costs of between $12,000 and $20,000 per year. Now, not only do I have to worry about getting better but I have to worry about possibly going bankrupt after I get out...Yay! Thanks a f*cking lot Obama.

I would like to keep my current policy like Obama said I could but I am personally under attack by the president and his Obamacare supporters.

Obamacare is certainly anything but affordable and if you ever have to use it you will find out real fast.
           All the Supreme Court upheld is that the power to tax is the power to destroy.
The low informed low life wouldn't get the point even if it was directly blocking the view. The Government shutdown in 1995-1996 when Clinton was in office did the same thing. It's funny the government has only been shutdown when dummycrats are in office.
The shutdown was over Medicare , sound familiar. The house sent lying bill a "bill" and he vetoed it causing a shutdown from the House, Newt Gingrich at the helm.
Low informed and inadequate sense to lead. Their days are numbered and you can bet we'd do it again if we have to. The jack-ass party will see the downward spiral after Jan 1.........
Newt shutdown the government because Clinton made his sit in the back of the plane. BRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH like a big ole fat baby.
Wow, just when I would think you would say something with some velocity and validity, you come back with a sentence of unintelligence demeanor typical and synonymous with the jack-ass party.

Tick, Tick, Tick.
I back from the class of the future. They studied it MDOG and they say you are uninform old racist calling people "low information people color" ,sad sad can't teach an old dog new moral.
I am sorry ,THINK you had a problem with ACA so far ,but I am sure the healthcare law will improve and your insurance will get cheaper, like anything prices at first then it fall in place. Republicans can get the word glitch out their lying mouth it will be worked out. Good luck;).
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