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Friday, October 4, 2013


Obamacare website

If the Obamacare websites run anything like the Veterans Affairs websites good luck with it. Wait until the database is up for your Obamacare health records. ROFL

One thing about Obamacare health records database they will have your medical records on tap if anyone files for social security disability. Good luck with that. Green laugh

All any organization needs is your ss number then they can find just about anything on you. All veterans enrolled in VA Healthcare already have a pretty complete data base on all it's vets. So whats the big deal.

In the next ten years the gov will probably have a DNA sample of more that half of the us citizens.
The point is that many citizens do not want their personal information in a database.
Just read the Obamacare website has already been hacked.
whether you want it or not it's in many data bases because your ss number is the tracker.
yeah the ss admin database ...........................cobal baby yeah cobal baby.
That is the crux of the apostrophe, fortunately I know since I worked in HIS med records they are a cluster fuque and a panacea dream that will take 30 years to straighten out to unify (make universal medical records) there ain't enough people power to do it. Here, let me simplify, a lot of experts are talking/writing out of their a$$3es, they are ignorant of reality,...............a year is not even close enough to unify, trust me. 30 years if not 50 years........the SS admin has never been able to do it.
You sound like you actually use your brain for more than just marinading it with vodka and tequila. The government doesn't need Obamacare to know anything about it's citizens. They have all the basic information(s) they need already. This is the program's maiden's brand new out of the gates and people somehow expect it to be perfect? ANYTHING that's overloaded will experience technical issues, just ask Bill Gates. As well, every new program has to be fine tuned to ensure efficiency.

Funny, the other day I was on my way to the Library and I pulled over to enroll in the Affordable care act and after finalizing my enrollment, they texted me and said I was overdue for an oil change. Well, at least they have good information on my truck... Yes Siree, fine tuned and all.
Lucky Loser you chose the word '"citizen". Yes citizen, the well trained citizen, the willing citizen, the citizen that has done everything to be a good citizen, the easy prey of the government, what well intentioned honest US Americans do.... give it all, whether they need to or not. Whenever the IRS comes looking for them good citizens, they KNOW exactly where they are. But there are so many bad citizens, non citizens, lazy citizens, evil citizens, mooching citizens, that the good willing citizens are the camel that bear the weight of all the demands that the government places on them which then pays itself and then sends the rest to the bad citizens.
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