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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


wheres all the

U.S. citizens to pick the crops. Did they bother to hire any workers other than illegals? Where are all the people who use to harvest crops before the major influx of illegals? $2.00 a box for picking tomatoes do not sound so <snip> bad to me. I use to be an apple picker back in my younger days making decent money too. And I had to climb a ladder to get the <snip>in apples too.

Is this why he wants to keep unemployment money flowing? To keep a shortage of workers looking for work.

I read an article awhile back on how all these Mexican workers got permits to come to the U.S. to harvest crops and maybe other work. They were brung in because of WW2 and the Korean conflict as many of our men were of to war and no one available to do the work.
Look it up.
To many Americans think it's beneath them to work at certain jobs, it's beneath them to go to a food bank or shop at the thrift store. No, they must have the best because they deserve it for being poor.
The people who get up everyday and punch the clock or put in weekend hours and sacrifice and save , DON'T DESERVE IT because they have more than they need. Thats the mindset of our welfare nation, they deserve others people stuff, and who helps this mindset, the liberal left., people who get put into office and live a very expensive lifestyle on tax payer dollars.
Look at those idiots protesting wall street, they are the stupidest sheep I ever seen, Wall street is the liberal left and they support the liberal polititions, if anyone should be fed up with wallstreet it should be the conservatives.
My son does not have school tomarrow, we are going to the apple orchard to pick apples, imagine that, thats something we do for fun, same with bluberries and strawberries, Oh! and our garden.
The farmers who let food rot in the fields, because they can't get illegals to pick the food are stupid also, they didn't have a plan B, put up a notice, "FOR HIRE' SOMEWHERE, They will let it rot to prove a point that they need illegals, 30 million of them here, you mean nobody is available to pick tomatoes?
52 million on welfare and 15 million unemployed and nobody has time for tomatoes ? sad very sad.
And another thing, this petty bullsh*t, will cause food to go higher, and contribute to shortages,
THIS IS NOT A GOOD CIRLCE OF LIFE !!!!! Just pay someone a decent wage and all will be WELL !!!!!!!
"Just pay someone a decent wage and all will be WELL "
I was thinking the same thing after I wrote the entry. Increase the picking rate to $3.00 or $3.50 a box to get pickers. If I can not pick 120 boxes a week at my old age I better quit. Thats only 3 boxes an hour for those of you from Rio Linda.
The prices are going to rise with no tomatoes for market or have enough tomatoes for market to meet the demand probably at a smaller price increase.
I can remember when I was a kid that tomatoes use to sell at the wholesale level for $0.50 a half bushel at the height of the picking season when they were in abundance for those of you from Rio Linda.
OH ! How silly of me, farmers Plan B, get big government bailout and live very well on stolen tax payer dollars.
"farmers Plan B, get big government bailout and live very well on stolen tax payer dollars"
Yep, congress will need to create a tomato subsidy now. Like they do other crops.
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