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Monday, July 2, 2012


Obamas health care mandate and Romneys health care mandate as a penalty


Just seen an article on homepage about war of words where the dems called it a penalty in the health care bill and Romney called it a penalty in Masscare.

I do not care who called it a penalty.

The majority of the American people do not want it and I am sure there are liberals against it too.

So suck it up and get over it.

The only reason it passed in congress was the dem politicians got their <snip>in arm twisted and bought off with kickbacks and backroom pocket money.

With the penalty in the national healthcare bill declared a tax someone with any balls should take the Masscare penalty to court and have that declared a tax.
They have precedence to do so now.
With it declared a tax this whole health care legislation should go before congress and the word penalty stricken from the language and tax inserted where penalty is.

It is now a f***in tax.
If I choose to not purchase they cannot charge me a penalty because it is not a penalty. It is a tax by the supreme court decision. And the word taxation does not appear in the health bill.

Good point, JAP.
You're absolutely right on that Jap.
you mean the supreme court doesn't know what they're doing.
No, Chief Justice Roberts knew What HE was doing.....!!!!!!!!
then it is a tax,tax deductible still?
Comment by scorpio - Today, 5:39 pm
you mean the supreme court doesn't know what they're doing.
The supreme court knew what they were doing. But I think Roberts pulled a fast one on Kagan and the wise Latino in writing the majority opinion the way he did.
Unless the liberals took what they could get until more court litigation come up on the issue of taxation and penalty. The court may be more stacked with liberals if Obama wins by then.
Need a sharp lawyer and sharp politicians to bring up the tax issue in the health bill language.
They know more law than I do. I am only using common sense thinking in my opinion.

I guess it kinda like in my state if you take a ride in the ambulance and don't pay they will take it out of your state income tax return. But that's a penalty not a tax but the government handles it for a private organization.   And then they charge you a service fee for doing it. Didn't happen to me but happened to 2 of the people income taxes I did.

In some states if you don't pay certain medical bills and if the police stop you they can take you to jail and they give the money you pay to get out of jail to the medical bill people. Kinda like debtor prison and it's still on the books in 6 states.

Not saying it's right but it's not new. Government collection agency for private industry.
Comment by Tenaj - Today, 6:38 pm
Never heard of that.
Thanks for the info.
Tenaj, I live in NC also and I have never heard that either. What normally happens is the $500 charge of the ambulance is tapped onto the bill. Then if you don't pay they turn you over to a collection agency. Them suckers hound you to death. Are you referring to people without insurance?
romneys healthcare in mass. and obamacare are virtually the same!
One had insurance and one did not, both of them got their state snatched for 2011 for an unpaid ambulance ride. Both live in the Raleign area. They were sent a letter and the letter had a number to call to find out why.

You'll have to google it for the official law. I'd do it but I got to get ready for July 4th company. If I have time later I will post it. I'm thinking it's the Treasury Offset but I'm not sure.

Here's an article where it was taken from a woman's income tax twice. Evidently it happens in SC too.
Back in 95, my husband got laid off, he chose not to get Cobra, The job I worked at offered no insurance, but I was on my husbands, well, it lapsed.
One night I went to go play baseball, I was on first, and the guy batting behind me hit a grounder to third, he threw it to the seconbaseman, who went to turn the double play, only he fired the ball right into my face.
I broke my cheekbone, orbital plate, browbone, and when I hit the ground I dislocated my left shouder and broke my jaw. My only saving grace, the only thing that saved my left eye, were the people warming up to play after us were all paramedics and firefighters.
When I got to the hospital, they thought I was in a car accident.
Needless to say, I was f*cked up, and with no insurance.
I had the ambulance bill, emergency room, MRI, Surgeons, hospital bill..everyone sends you a bill, my bill from providence hospital and all the others services came to $80,000.00 .
My bill came in a box. Couple weeks after my surgery, they sent someone to discuss payment, Oh yes everyone wanted to get paid.
It took me 3 years, they worked out a schedule, most things I paid right off the bat, drained my savings, and I worked a full time job, and a part time job on the weekends.
You want a house, you pay for it, you want a car you pay for it, you want to make sure you don't get hit with a 80 thousand dollar medical bill, you pay for that insurance, which is what we should have done, or you work off your debt.
Now I've had to have my shoulder popped back in nearly 15 times since then, you have no idea how painful that is, my broken jaw, had to heal the way it was, they couldn't wire it because of the metal plates they put in my face, they went in through my mouth to rebuild my face.
There are days the pain in my shoulder, it hurts so badI can't even think , but I still go to work, I work in the cooler, spend 4 hours in the F*cking 32 degree cooler with metal plates in your face.
I am sick of whiners and crybabies, I'm hurt, can't work, I got a 1200.00 doctor bill, someone please help me,
sh******t. get a job.
Ladies , I don't know about you but every woman can't be SUPER WOMAN!!!!!!! Wow!
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