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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


WTG Mitt

comment by jap69
Mitt leading in presidental tracking poll.
A little early in the game to get excited. A lot can happen between now and election. As I understand it the undecided vote usually falls above 50% to the challenger (Romney).
Republicans need to keep their feet on the ground to get out votes in his favor.
I thought Mitt gave an encouraging victory speech last night, I was glad he supports getting congress to keep the low interest college loans going at least until emplyment improves for college grads.

its a daily poll and the numbers will fluctuate all the way to November; Im one of those "undecideds" in a swing state, woo hoo
How could anybody be undecided with the differences between these two?
Probably because they do not know the difference rdg. Many of them do not know the difference between s**t and brown dirt.
WTF!!!!! Everything you say now days SUCKS straight to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND jAP69 WHAT YOUR BEEF ALL OF SUDDEN. WHAT FOLLOWERS. THIS SH$T STINKS BEYOND HELL!
Mitt will win by a landslide and if he's got a good running mate, the dog eater will be sent packing.
What we say is no different than what liberals have been spitting out for years. Obviously liberals do not like the same stuff thrown back at them.
As far as those republicans in congress go they do not have the balls to give it back to the dems like the dems do to the republicans. Dems do nothing but attack and that is a fact Louise.
Until my blog get shuts down I will still keep posting news articles and my comments and opinions on the articles.

What about my comment I made this morning about Pres Os spending habit in the white house Louise? My first sentence was a jab and poke comment. My second sentence was an opinion on his being poor growing up.
Then I went into a lengthy comment defending Pres O on his lifestyle needed as president.
I will post favorable and unfavorable opinions as I see them.

there was no victory for Mitt ...if he was only person in rep. race...
just crap .... so unreal
The dems are may be running against someone they do not want to run against. I am sure they will dig into Mitts history down to wether he has athletes foot or not.
First search will probably be wether he has been shakin up with another woman.
Someone will be rummaging thru the family garbage can when it goes to the curb for clues.
Maybe get a hacker into his campaign computers to see what he is going to do next.
All sorts of dirty Chicago tricks.
Maybe have OWS protest on his street. Or Cindy Sheehan camp out on his street.
Well if the democrats have one of their public group masturbation demonstrations in front of Mitt's house, I hope we don't see any of our democrat members there.
You know that ain't right now, Louise.
Ann Coulter was right! The dog eater may get enough votes to catch some doggy dinner, maybe Chow Chow Mein, Poodle Noodle soup. German Shepard pie......................Schnauzer schnitzel???????
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