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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It took the headline news off the oil spill

How convenient of the release of the rolling stone article before release in print.

Looks like the news will be focused on new items now.

got to love the dog and pony show.
You mean Bush didn't fire a lot of people in the military who disagree with him?   Afghanistan was always headline news, at least it was to me. Sad that you didn't think it was important until now. I've never forgotten that men & women are dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, not even when we had a major hurricane.   I guess what you're saying is that Katrina took the focus off the war or maybe 9/11 was planned so people would forget about the Florida recount? Of course I don't believe that, but it's just as ridiculous.

I don't know which channel you watch or what newspaper you read, but the oil spill is still headline news.

By the way, everything in Washington is a dog & pony show.   All the Congressional hearings, including Supreme Court confirmation hearings, all changed after the invention of something called television.
Wow, ole JAP69 can duck down over there in the corner somewhere after that thrashing, holy cow!!!
We find many articles on the news how both parties like to control the news to fit their needs.;_ylt=A0LEVVVzliJM5jMB0rgPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTExbzdyNm41BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNgRjb2xvA3JlNAR2dGlkAwRsA1dTMQ--

Television changed the course of history when politicans discovered the advantages of its use for an agenda by both parties.

When Bush was president it was constant focus to attack him and his agenda. We all know what the focus was on. Now that Obama is president the focus is on him. Thats politics brought onto themselves by both parties. However news reporting is not like it used to be when they reported on news events that involved all political parties or individual politicans. News reporting is biased by the reporter as they push the pen. I pushed the pen for this blog entry.

I think any war is important as it effects the lives of many people. Did I say that war is not important?
"I've never forgotten that men & women are dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan,"
I have not forgotten about the lives of the men and women in our armed forces. Since Pres Obama has taken office their has been a shutdown of the daily death toll in both wars in the news media. Now why do we think that has taken place.

President Obamas job approval rating has jumped in the last few days. Now why could that be?
State defense forces..aka..State guard , state military reserves .
They are units that operate under the sole authority of the state governor.
State defense forces are authorized by state and federal law and are under command of the governor of each state.
Whenever there is an insurrection in any state , the President may upon the request of its legislature or a request of that states governor call military into federal service.
The president of the united states cannot order military action into a state unless the above mentioned has been met.
Ray Nagin mayor of New Orleans, screaming for help, Kathleen Blanco the person who should have been listening to Ray Nagin, did not order her state defense forces, did not ask for federal help and the legislation sat idle. now its all Bush's fault. no, Kathy was holding the bag on this one.
what has been ignored for years is the teeny little fact a president just can't send in fema or military unless the state in question has asked for it.
One other little fact that everyone wants to ignore, these people had a whole week of warning HEY THERE IS A MONSTER OF A HURRICANE COMING GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Now this is where Ray Nagin comes in ...he had advanced warning and did next to nothing to evacuate his city, he was safely tucked away up state. Looks to me there are alot of people who need to take responsibilty for this, including the people who did nothing to save I'm sure I'll be branded the bad guy for not being politically correct...oh well...I donated money , blood and clothing to these people because my sense of humanity demanded that I help , because it broke my heart watching mothers fear for their babies. and again my heart breaks for the people of the gulf, and I will again help if I can. There is a time you have to ask yourselves what do I believe to be true.

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