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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Obamatax Waivers may violate equal protection, Congressman tweets


Obamatax Waivers may violate equal protection, Congressman tweets

It is a violation to issue tax exempt waivers.
This is outrageous, I am appalled at the Chicago crookery going on at the white house. This is devastating to the American people.
Giving tax waivers to their buddies now. What is he going to do? Start giving out tax pardons to criminal elements now.
This is awfull, Who the hell do you think you elected here?
You should see the list of people he helped make exempt to bumbumcare, over 700 companies , most of them union, and to certain religious sects.
well if you want to be exempt from bumbumcare, claim scientology or Amish.
Comment by sully16 - Today, 9:51 am
But this is a national health tax now.
Then religious organizations are exempt from taxation so they caqn be exempted from the Obamatax.
All this fuss he made about religion having to give out contraception when now the ACA is a tax they are exempt from offering health care under the ACA. They still can maintain health insurance policies that are not regulated by DHS.
Obamacare changed to Obamatax changes the whole ACA to a taxation problem now.
SUE, SUE, SUE, tie this up in court under taxation lawsuits.
hehehehe, didn't consider it was a new ballgame, thanks, stay cool, I am off to work
Religious and non-profits have always been 501 (b). You guys are just a bunch of cry babies.
Gotta keep the debate going.
Seen an article this morning that they want to bury the Obamatax tax debate in the news out of sight.
Not going to happen.
waste of time,we have important matters to attend to,even romney knows he doesn't have any chance to repeal.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 12:25 pm
Just like Obama said if he lost the court decision.
We will refight the health care issue all over again.
Different story when it is over on who won the decision.
Obama white house memo I seen today to dem leaders. The debate is over it no longer is an issue.
Typical community organizer politics.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 12:25 pm
Are you a paid campaign issue debater on the net by the Obama reelection team?
Lately the Republican Party has not only been the party of do nothing ,better yet do sh*t are the party of suing everything they don't like or agree with,grow up you sore losers. What a pathetic group of "LOSERS".
Comment by louise black - Today, 2:00 pm
The dems have been suing for years. On everything that does not suit them.
Ask Holder how many lawsuits he has filed against the republicans.
It is a bitch when it comes back at you. HUHHHHH

Pounce on these dems and liberals. It is time to play ball.
we are trying to go forward but the republicants are still trying to take the country backwards.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 2:27 pm
So tell us in detail where the dems want to take this country forward too.
The dems have been chipping away at America for years. You have Obama in office and the final push is on but anyone who does not agree with it they want us to STFU.
I can see the STFU thing in liberal post.
probably due to 24 BBS in a SNG or a UTG+1.
Jap69, it's only a tax debate because you guys made it a tax debate after losing a Supreme Court decision. It is weak.

The Supreme Court has spoken. Higher than that - is God. Otherwise it's just a waste of tax payers money, and time and a lot of whining.
Obama has the whole country turned against each other in one big massive gridlock.
The only answer is to repeal Obamacare and start over with just improving things for those who need it.
We learned the hard way that this humongous massive government takeover of healthcare just doesn't work.
It's been a disaster.
There is no gridlock on the Health Care Bill, that's done, in, passed, going forward. Stop barking at a passing parade.
No, we need to come together and heal as one nation, Tenaj.
We need to just end this monstrosity that has divided us and return to loving one another.
I think we can all agree it's the only way to bring us back together so we can start anew as brothers and sisters, working together, hand in hand to heal this great divide that Obamacare has caused.
Let's work together to come up with something that brings us together and ends this thing that has divided us.
We need to be as one or we will be forever torn asunder.
I know we can agree on that much and begin building from there, hand in hand, arm in arm and soul to soul.
God Bless America!

you speak with a forked tongue. we ain't never loved each other and never will. so kiss my ass mf.
I wouldn't know where to start - you're all ass.
Crickets from jan-jan...
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