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Friday, June 1, 2012


Harry Reid: American Senator Or Treasonous Turncoat?

Harry Reid: American Senator Or Treasonous Turncoat?

Reid has blocked an attempt by Republicans from closing a tax loop hole that gave away $4.2 BILLION of our hard earned tax money to illegal aliens! The scam is simple

Yeah blame your merde on the republicans in the senate.

Treasonous Turncoat period...!
payback,remember when obama wanted to stop the subsidized tax breaks for the wealthy oil companies,and the house blocked it.
I seen the scam, they get a tax number, not a social, then work and declare half of Mexico as dependants.

Comment by scorpio - Today, 6:04 pm
When we get our liberal republican voted in in November we will have responsible liberal policies.
Like I said I am not against all liberal policies but lets be responsible about the qualifications to receive them.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 6:04 pm
The tax code is suppose to be equal for all involved who fall under the rules of a tax code. Repealing the tax break to oil companies and not having others who fall under that code still receive the tax break is not equal taxation under that code.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 6:04 pm
payback,remember when obama wanted to stop the subsidized tax breaks for the wealthy oil companies,and the house blocked it.
Are you a child or what . Tit for Tat. It's people such as you who keep saying your mad and I'm glad. When are you going to show some responsibility and say this mess is enough? I don't think you could. You're still talking as if this mess that were in isn't there.   WAKE up.......!
Scorpio, you are happy to see our country destoyed, you believe billions of our tax dollars should go to people who don't even belong here, you think that it's some sort of payback.
I used to feel sorry for you, thought you were slow and dimwitted, I was wrong , you are evil and hateful to the core, and remember the payback you love so much, will come back to haunt you.
You make me sick and I will never respond to you again, but because I believe in Jesus, I will pray for you.
hea dumb sully,we know where jesus came from,but where did god come from,you fool.
in november you'll all be singing"we could have had it all."
You calling Sully dumb, If that isn't the pot calling the kettle BLACK.
This Lady has got more intelligence in her little finger, than you have whatever it is attached to your neck.
Sully may pray for you, but I wouldn't waste my time on something that's as cancerous as your mouth and thoughts of others. I too wouldn't respond to your tantrums. IMHO, you're a LOSER.    see ya later Mr. Scorpio.
scorpulus is a troll, no doubt about it, stupidity so refined, it is not real, this troll is doing this for jollies.
get this, a very famous person once said:don't change horses in the middle of a was abraham lincoln,republicans nowadays are not that intelligent as they eat too much,and it affects their brains.
You Friggin Idiot...! It's ( Course ) not horses. Your last statement applies to you and yours...!
No, I'm the Idiot..! It is horses not course. I stand to be corrected.

The Free Dictionary
change horses in midstream and change horses in the middle of the stream
Fig. to make major changes in an activity that has already begun; to choose someone or something else after it is too late. (Alludes to someone trying to move from one horse to another while crossing a stream.)
maddy dog,you should stop pimping for sully,she's too old for your ring.
Hey lillypad, I don't pimp for nobody.
I stand up when callused A$$'s such as you start to spew your puke. What happened to you sweetie, went from a he-man to a she-man like your sidekick when Barry took his Oath. Your yesterday's news dewdrop.
By the way, I think you look absolutely stunning in "PINK" polish...!
maddoggy,your faschism talk doesn't scare anyone anymore.i'm independant.i voted for reagon,gore,christie whitman,clinton, our state i voted for a republican douglas.his democratic congress okd gay marraiges,and he vetoed it,but then they voted over his veto.they didn't even let us citizens vote on it man!
I'm not out to scare anyone pansie. Faschism, not even close dewdrop.Your Independant of what? Is that because neither party wanted your sling or BS or you just didn't know where you'd fit in. Either you are, or you aren't pansies. Take a stand or you leave yourself open to nothing but ridicule. Take a stand on what you believe, not for just the sake of spewing puke because someone else's opinion is different than yours.
I'm telling you these are trolls, they know it and they aren't disputing it, definitely trolls, possibly prior trolls with different names. I know, we all know, who knows for sure.
you are so old fashion,come on i know romney wants to take us backwards,but trolls, this all you got,then pack it in.the war is done,if that's all you got.
Oh Pink pansies, were just heating up for the likes of you and your sidekick. There isn't a war, just a little unrest between parties sweetie. Stay tuned I heard they're giving away the Silver Girdle award for the most spewed puke, and you and Bobbypins are in front by a wide margin, honest, clasp down...!      Wink Wink...!
Oh pansies your words just flatter me...
rabies ravaged MADDOG10 won The Golden Bra award going away because of his incessant nonsensical rants!
I see troll # 2 has puked again. I'm really surprised to see you here so early Bobbypins, by the way pansies was explaining you were supposed to be at the hairdressers this afternoon.
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