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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Obama calls for repeal defense of marriage act

While his administration has put out statements on the idea of repealing the 1996 federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, it's unusual for Obama to call for its repeal.

"1996 federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman"
So what does repealing the federal law do?
He has a plan with repealing the DOMA law at the federal level. I have not figured it out yet but the federal law defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
With these states having gay marriage laws there is the possibility that someone could sue that state to strike down the gay marriage law as federal law trumps state law.
Obama says it is a states right to decide on the law of gay marriage. He knows very well federal law trumps state law as he brings federal suits against states on laws he feels that go against federal law.
He must feel that a gay marriage law will not fly at the federal level so it would seem the intent is to get gay marriage laws at the state level. Target and pick off the states one by one.
I see the N.C. governor was not to pleased with the outcome of the vote on gay marriage.
Could it be that he is pushing for the repeal of DOMA before the election or in lame duck session.
If it is not repealed before he leaves office the next president could bring suits against these states that have gay marriage laws.
He could be pushing for repeal now if by chance he is voted out in Nov.
Do not forget he is a strategist.
What is amazing is that this whole group is a fringe irrelevant freak show that has nothing better to do than whine. It is all a distraction, period. They live in wonderland.
or maybe he wants these states to believe the next president will bring suit, thus garnering more support.
In any case, he wants the 10th Amendment gone.

When's he gonna call for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act?
I'd like to see that one also,
It think J F K tried messing with the fed reserve or gold system or something like that to do with the money. We can remember what happen to him t*t.
That was one of the conspiracy theories I heard.
The economy is in the toilet, everybody's out of work, nobody can find a job, people can't feed their families and what's Obama's main concern? Men sodomizing each other.
I heard there were something like 250 thousand who ran out of unemployment benefits this past week.They can be removed from the unemployment data so that will look good in his favor. Where is He and Pelosi been pushing for unemployment extensions in congress again. Uses people like tools and fools.
Do I hear crickets from the left?
Comment by rdgrnr - Today, 1:15 pm
The economy is in the toilet, everybody's out of work, nobody can find a job, people can't feed their families and what's Obama's main concern? Men sodomizing each other.
Just goes to show everyone where his Priorities are.
Ever wonder why you can always see the " TRUTH ", but can never see a " LIE ".
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