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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Right out of the liberal playbook.

When the liberals do not get their way they pull the same talk tactic. See it happen all the time watching congress on c-span. They want to compromise but compromise to what they want.
They think they are the only smart ones in the crowd.

Must be they got out voted on this issue.
an excerpt;
“For months this Council has been held hostage by a couple of members,”

You want to see a visual illusion on Lottery Post? Watch the guy walking on the exercise machine ad. You can see the machine pointed in two different directions. Focus one way it points in a different direction from focusing another way. Just noticed it.
Do I see egg on their face with this UN issue?
This could happen here in this country if domestic violence were to occur.
This appears to me what the Syrian Gov't is trying to contain.

Article. IV.

Section. 4.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

Thanks Jap.
Your welcome sully
Thousands of people dying in a civil war, the leader of the Greatest Nation in the world tries to get the UN to just issue a plea for the president to step down - not even a military option - and hopefully stop the violence - and your response is to laugh at the refusal and mock the President and liberals.

Would it be as funny if it President Bush or Romney was vetoed trying to save innocents?   Our President is trying to save lives and you're using it to push your agenda... you're right someone should have egg on their face.
What is president O's agenda over there?
The way I see it he has encouraged this so called Arab spring.
Egypt, Libya and now the Syrian leader he is encouraging to step down.
What is he encouraging here with the formation of new gov't systems in these countries?
Does he and the liberals have ideas for a new gov't system in this country? Makes you step back and wonder I would say.
I will laugh when I see his and the liberal agenda defeated. This country is treading on thin ice right now.
This is not the time to have some local community food stamp promoter leading this nation.
He has absolutely no idea what he's doing. He's an embarrassment.
God help us survive this idiot's first and only term.
What a moron.

The Russians & Chinese remember how well U.S. meddling worked out in Libya. Guess who the new boss there is.
Lets get all warm and fuzzy over bammys attempt to save lives, wrong, The Russians and Chinese, see the U.S. TAKING OVER EVERY COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND GUESS WHAT, THEY DON'T LIKE IT. LET THEM HAVE THEIR BLOODY BATTLE IN Syria, Because I don't want Russia and China riding our asses.
Thanks jap.
Maybe if he goes to Russia and China and bows down to them they'll be nicer to us.
You're right... the plea to stop the bloodshed in Syria is a liberal ploy to take over the government here. Now that you point out the fiendish plot I do need to step back and wonder.    And how dare that Obama - the first President ever to push for Democracy in other parts of the world...the <snip>.   And why get warm and fuzzy over someone trying to do the right thing... it's clearly part of the plot. Some fools may believe that Obama is just a man struggling and failing to do what's he feels will help our country... but we know the truth, he's a puppet smuggled in at birth and given a false birth certificate, only to then have his career manipulated over the next 40 years so that he could rise up and become President. By that time the housing cabal's plot to wreck our economics will come to fruition and Obama can slowly bring about Socialism and the death of Capitalism all right in front of Congress. Thus fulfilling the plan he was programed for in utero when he was just a zygote.

It's the toughest job on the planet and you call our President an embarrassment?   I gotta believe Republican or Democrat... you don't get to be President without a love for the country.. and anything you do is going to be founded upon that. Maybe you don't like the job Obama is doing, and I'd agree with you on that. But he's the freakin President and that alone should earn him better than the way you hens cluck about him.

Enjoy believing there's a liberal agenda in every thing done and a sniper in every tree... whether it's Obama or Romney, I'm gonna believe and hope each day the President is doing what he believes is best for the country. The alternative is too tiring and a sad way to live.

Looks like we will need to wait and see what happens. Nothing I can do about it except bitch about it and vote. LOL
On that we agree. Nice talking with you.

If I am wrong on what I think their agenda is I will be very happy.
If I am correct on what I think their agenda is I will not be happy at all.
@ACPutz - I don't think you understand or accept the fact that Obama hates this country.
What do you think he meant when he said he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY change it?
What part of Fundamental Change do you not understand?
Your vow to "believe and hope" each day that the President is doing what's best is just touchy-feely wishful-thinking nonsense. Now is not the time for hand-wringing, namby-pamby, panty-waists to go all shy and delicate and start hugging trees for emotional support. We need to work hard to get that guy out of office in November so he doesn't get to finish destroying the greatest nation on Earth.

AC, ONCE AGAIN YOUR FULL OF s**t, If your so stupid you think Obama is the first, or only, that tells me you no nothing of American history, or the CONSTITUTION, YOUR A LOST CAUSE AND i HAVE NO USE FOR SOMEONE THAT f***ING STUPID.
The GANGSTAPUPPETOTUSPOS is directly responsible for every death in these middle east countries that are experiencing civil unrest. The people (proletariat) had gotten false signals from this no longer freedom oriented US fascist govt. that they would have their backs. Fascists never foster democracies, they loath them and push for totalitarianism as you see in Egypt, Syria, and Iran.

Trust me GANGSTAPUPPETOTUSPOS longs to be a Castro, Tito, Mussolini, or Hu Jintao..................He must be replaced in Nov. by at least a can of Orange Juice.
i just hope Obama isn't tricked into another mideastern war by the republican congress,who rely on the military in their home states for jobs.
my question is,out of 500,000 registered republicans in nevada,how did romney only get around 6,000 votes,the last time i checked last night?
Thank you ACPutz.
Hey you, it was a unanimous congress that got us into middle east, don't rewrite history.   And if we get hit again it'll be unanimous again. Trust me. If the Iranians pull some stunt, glass baby unanimous.
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