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Saturday, January 28, 2012


The GOP has learned well from the opposition

Spot on article.

She makes some interesting points.
The GOP Establishment will self-destruct before ever giving in to the tea party, though, and will spin a loss to being the fault of stubborn voters rather than their own stubbornness.

Remember: Tea Party = Good. Whiskey Rebellion = Bad
Forget: They were *both* about taxation. ;-)
I disagree with Sarah Palin on this. I have no idea why she sees Gingrich as a conservative and Romney as a moderate. If anything, Romney has been consistent with his principles, and Newt is all over the map.

Newt was FOR government mandated healthcare, before he recently turned against it. In fact, he was advocating for mandatory health care before just about anyone else. WAY before Romney became governor of Massachusetts.

You want a much BETTER article about Newt, written by one of the freshman Republicans serving with Newt? Check here:

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin is doing the exact thing that she is railing against. She is taking a bunch of thinly-veiled shots against Romney, while blindly supporting Newt Gingrich -- who has earned her support HOW exactly?

I like Sarah Palin, but she's way off course here. A lot of the commenters on her Facebook post are saying the same thing.
@time*treat - The Tea Party movement is 100% about the financial health of the country. It specifically avoids anything regarding social issues, religion, abortion, national defense, or any other issue.

So, from a Tea Party perspective, who is the best candidate? You can't seriously think that Gingrich fits the bill for Tea Party folks. On what basis?

Romney, on the other hand, is NOT a Washington insider -- he only served in office for four years. Most of his experience has been building his business from the ground floor, investing in other business and building other businesses from the ground-up (like Staples), and rescuing the Winter Olympics games.

Of all the Republican candidates, he is the ONLY one with the kind of financial and business experience to fix the problems of this country comprehensively and correctly.

Sorry, but Ron Paul's approach of slash and burn is not going to work either. First of all, it would never win approval in the Congress (you know, the ones who pass the budget and write the checks). Second of all, it is quite possible that there would be major unintended consequences of what he is proposing -- so bad that he will get kicked out in four years, and will have ended up wrecking things as badly as Obama did.

I would say that Santorum has the second-best chance of fixing the economy, because at least he wants to tackle one of the key problems in this country -- the manufacturing sector.

Gingrich is a total Washington insider, and a big progressive new-world-order guy. He is no way a Tea Party guy, nor should Sarah Palin be suggesting he is one. If anything, Newt despises the Tea Party because it takes power away from Washington. Newt is a Washington insider, so that is where he wants the power to remain.

Don't get me wrong. If Newt somehow wins the nomination I will grudgingly support him over Obama, because he may make the country marginally better than it is today. Obama will certainly continue making it worse.
@Todd: I *personally* don't consider Newt a good choice, but I didn't vote in SC. The Tea Partiers there expressed a different view.

From Palin's article - "Newt is an imperfect vessel for Tea Party support, but in South Carolina the Tea Party chose to get behind him instead of the old guard’s choice."

Yes, I read it carefully, and I did read that sentence.

Romney is the choice for many people of the Tea Party, so I don't know where Sarah Palin gets this "old guard" thing. The "establishment" argument is a red herring.

By her saying that New is an "imperfect vessel for Tea Party support", she is saying in effect that Newt IS A VESSEL FOR TEA PARTY SUPPORT, even if he is flawed.

And that's why I said NO, he is NOT a vessel for Tea Party support. He is the antithesis of that. If anything, ROMNEY is the vessel for Tea Party support, because he is the only one who is an outsider with deep financial and business experience.
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