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Friday, July 30, 2010


GPS device in what??

Just seen on drudge link that they are putting GPS devices in LAUNDRY DETERGENT to track it to its purchaser location. The link does not connect at drudge as the site must be swamped. Green laugh


Zero currency



this has always been debatable wether lower taxes increase tax revenue. Now consider if they keep current tax rates as they are. They are projected to go up in Janurary so every week wage earners will be paying more in taxes leaving them less money. That is money out of circulation by everyone who earns money. That goes to the treasury to be spent on what they choose. If you let the population keep the money they will be spending it on everything that you can use money for. When the population spends money it is generaly on consumer goods, Investments, or banked localy to be lent localy generaly. When money changes hands to another person as wages it is taxed again. If loaned by banks localy it is spent for whatever. Money generaly changes hands 48 times a year and generaly taxed about 48 times a year. This would increase tax revenue in my opinion.

If the tax increases go into effect in Jan lets see if tax revenue increases.

By the way. Since I have quit smoking the gov't has about $2,000.00 in less tobacco tax from me. Green laugh

Check out the links on the left. Good reading in there on employment. Seems like something has changed since these articles were written regarding maintaing employment levels. I know we import a lot of good now but something has happened in employment opportunities. Especialy the range of wages. Many have increased and many have not incresed all that much.

Do we really need to track laundry soap? The idiot that thought that up needs to be drug tested!
What a waste of money, is it stimulas money? I'd put 10 of those boxes in my trunk and drive in circles for awhile just to screw with their tracking system. or put the device on a squirrel so they can think their laundry soap is going up and down a tree, on second thought that might be a good idea, just think of the hours of endless fun you could have screwing with the people that have to monitor the devices.
I have never heard of such silliness, are these people or should I say folks for real this a waste, they could be feeding the hungry or helping the homeless.Get a life ,oh oh I get it their making bombs with it .Haaaaaaaaaa!
Tracking every single object in the insane. Sully's on the right track. We could get a 30 gal. trash bag and fill it with empty laundry soap boxes (and other tracked items) and throw it in our car. We then would trade our bags every day with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to keep in their car until they trade it off to a new person. Eventually every car will have a bag of crap being tracked randomly. :-))
Heres one I seen in a comment on taxes. Research and decide wether it is true or not.
"Government revenues increased by 44.1% in the 4 years AFTER the Bush tax cuts (in spite of lower tax rates), vs only 6.7% in the 4 years BEFORE the tax cuts."
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