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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Guess who won a special election in a N.Y. district

A tea party organizer. Thats who.
The seat has been in Democratic hands for 13 years. Not any longer
This country is getting back to basics now.


Absolutely totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that trend spreads like wildfire across the US and those elected perform superbly for the people.
Yes I hope they do perform for the benefit of the people. I think we will see a trend across the U.S. of people waking up to what the needs of the country are.
Start cleaning out the rotten apples whatever party they are. Politicans need to work together for the betterment of the country.
This party line agenda just to beat the opposition does not do this country well.
Okay. The Republicans gained another seat. So What???

How many times must we listen to the same, tired old story? When Clinton was in office, we believed George Bush would "save" the nation. Eight years later, we demonstrated an overwhelming belief that Obama was the answer to all of our political prayers. This is our nation, our home, our heritage - it's not a storybook being read before a cozy hearth. Cinderella's name has NEVER appeared on a ballot, yet many of us still desperately cling to the notion that if we elect one evil stepsister over another, we'll all live happily ever after.

Party loyalty has run its course in America and, if we'd all take a good look around us, we'd realize our faithfulness has gained us absolutely NOTHING except bragging rights when our favorite team wins the latest race. Big deal ...

Our willingness to stand on the sidelines while blindly cheering for our chosen team has only served to polarize and divide us as a nation, leaving little possibility, if any, for effective organized reform. Our biggest problem isn't a national economy hopelessly mired in unrecoverable recession; it's not the alarming trend of rapidly rising numbers of homeless in America, and it's not the hoaxy environmental issues we've been led to believe are real. The single most pressing problem this country faces is one which is viciously guarded, and is the sole and only cause of all of the foregoing and more: Corruption within our public offices and domestic police forces, and their outright refusal to be held accountable for ANY degree of wrongdoing.

Recently, the highest court in the land handed down a ruling which gives corporations the green flag to endorse candidates of their choosing, and to contribute unlimited funds to their campaigns. This ruling completed an effort begun in 2007, when it became legal for corporate fat cats to curry favor with our electoral delegates. The entire effort was a resounding success, and now the popular vote has been overwhelmingly nullified. Anyone who has ever tried to sue Wal-Mart, Microsoft or any other large corporation will understand why this is just a bad idea for those of us on opposing cheerleading squads. The players are driven home in long black limousines to their mansions and catered dinners while we, the owners of the respective teams and thereby their most staunch supporters, must walk or take the bus (assuming we still have the required fare in our pockets) to our own little boxes made of ticky-tacky (assuming the bank hasn't already foreclosed and changed the locks), while looking forward to a nutritious and filling supper of hot dogs and potato salad. Oh, wait; we won! A celebration is in order! Break out the Hamburger Helper and the GOOD paper plates.

Rah - Rah - Rah ...

In ancient Rome, senators finally allowed themselves the privilege of accepting "gifts of gold and parcels" (of land) to pass laws favorable to their richest constituents, even if it meant some poor schmuck on an adjoining parcel would lose his farm or the flow of water that kept it fed. Forget that his farm, and many like it, produced a reliable stream of tax revenue for a failing government; by that time it wasn't about the people, it was about the senators, for they were EXTREMELY important and indispensable to the nation, much like our elected officials and police officers currently view themselves.

Less than four years later, the mighty Roman Empire collapsed from within, because overt greed and debauchery had so eroded its economic and political infrastructures that it could no longer support its own leadership.

What's wrong with this picture?   

But hey - congratulations! Your side won another seat. All you have to do now is to write him a letter or, better yet, I'm sure he'll take your phone call, and tell him you need his help. After all, your loyalty and unwavering support of his political party over the years must be worth something and should certainly be rewarded, right? I can only imagine your disappointment when you receive the standard form letter informing you that he works for the government, not for you, and explains quite matter-of-factly that your insignificant little problems are just that: YOUR problems. On the other hand, you might find that you're more important than I've led you to believe, and he might just do what my congressman, Mark Souder, did for me. He appointed a committee whose sole purpose was to find reasons NOT to involve himself in Constitutional issues.

Until we can look past these insipid and ridiculous adhesions to one political party or the other, we will NEVER be able to force our elected leaders to expend any effort on behalf of We, the People. They HAVE jobs, folks, whether they call themselves Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals. And WE'RE paying their salaries, their zero-deductible health care insurance premiums (for them AND for their husbands, wives and children) their travel expenses (even for family vacations) and for their obscenely generous retirement pensions.

It's time we put this nonsense behind us. We're being systematically raped by Democrats and Republicans alike, and what I keep hearing is, "Well, yeah, but my party uses a better condom."

Raw - Raw - Raw ....


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