Lottery Post Journal

Google Chrome 4.0 Released

For those who use Google Chrome for their Web browser, a new version has just been released.

You can install the latest release by clicking the Wrench icon in Chrome, and then selecting "About" from the menu.  The message at the bottom of the box will indicate that a new release is available, and you just need to click the Update button.

If you're not sure what a Web browser is, I included a new video in the Help forum to show you.

Firefox 3.6 released

Mozilla released version 3.6 of Firefox yesterday, and looks like a worthy upgrade.  They have increased performance nicely, such that the performance feels a lot closer to what you see in Google Chrome.  Nice.

Firefox is one of the easiest browsers to upgrade.  All you need to do is click "Check for upgrades" in Firefox's Help menu, and let it do it's thing.