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I stated back in April that people posting streams of politics in their blogs will have those entires deleted.

I guess because the elections are happening now, people are getting geared up and posting more politics.  But the policy here has not changed.  This is not Politics Post, it's Lottery Post, and if the blogs are nothing but politics nobody will enjoy being here.

Because I was not successful in getting people to tone things down when I previously said, "Go ahead and occasionally post something about what you like," I will now set a hard ceiling for political posts.  That way there will be no mistake as to whether something crosses the line or not.

ONE PER WEEK.  You can post one political blog entry per week.

The only person who currently gets a pass on this hard ceiling is truesee.  Unlike other bloggers, truesee has no apparent political axe to grind, and posts many articles per day covering every subject, including politics.  But without agenda.  So truesee, you do your thing.

Everyone else gets one political post per week, which runs Sunday to Saturday.  So if you post something political on Monday and something else on Friday, Friday's post gets deleted.

Of course, I'm only talking about politics here.  You can post as much of whatever else you like in your blog.  It's the politics that are so corrosive.


  • maybe, you ought to suspend thar accounts !!

    By hearsetrax, at 10:35 AM

  • She posts seriously biased and politically charged crap, that is why the discussions on her blog get ridiculous. This edict is unfair and smells of elderberries.

    By jarasan, at 10:47 AM

  • LOL @ Jarasan

    By hearsetrax, at 11:06 AM

  • * No jar jar, this edict is because of you & your actions. You have constantly gone off the reservation and a culling of the herd was necessary.

    *Truesee's crap is tolerable because one knows what they getting from the get go, yours on the other hand is.. oh nevermind- you did this, you!

    By noise-gate, at 11:46 AM

  • like this one:
    or this one:
    or this one:
    pointing out the lying media:

    Yeah, rawstory, motherjones, msn, newyorker, infowars, breitbart, rollingstone, nymag washingtonexaminer, aren't inflammatory.

    By jarasan, at 12:45 PM

  • Anyway seriously, noisegate, you have never posted on your own blog, and are a major flamethrower and TDS aggravator of the first order, you live in a glass house, and I am certain you type with one hand on the keyboard and the other on your hip.

    By jarasan, at 12:50 PM

  • Yeah, listen to Weasel, He's a little Draco Malfoy running to the teacher screaming about the other kids being out of bed and he knows this because he was out of bed.

    By sully16, at 1:11 PM

  • * No, you wrong jar jar- Unlike yourself, despite my faults, l always said that l am " not for corruption " of any kind. You on the other hand have tolerated that behavior because you don't know the difference.

    *Look back at this as a learning experience for yourself & look at me as one attempting to bring order to chaos in blogs. I know my role, you obviously don't, and btw- Your comments will not be missed.

    By noise-gate, at 1:19 PM

  • Nice to be able to encapsulate the nature of political discussions at Lottery Post.

    By Todd, at 1:33 PM

  • Yes, the politics of LP, a monarchy, so the serfs must take heed and do as the king decrees.

    By jarasan, at 3:17 PM

  • lol, I guess that's one way to look at it. 😅

    By Todd, at 3:18 PM

  • I'm sorry Todd, I know there's a big slice of guilty pie with my name on it, emotions run high sometimes and cooler heads don't prevail.
    With that being said , I wasn't going to watch Noise hide behind your "skirts" and post the innocent lamb defense.

    By sully16, at 4:57 PM

  • *look at me as one attempting to bring order to chaos in blogs.
    Says the guy that causes 90% of it. lol

    By grwurston, at 8:27 PM

  • I have a suggestion. Post something political if you want, news articles, memes, tweets whatever, but lock it for comments. That way you can still say what's on your mind and it avoids all the instigating, arguing, confrontation etc.

    By grwurston, at 8:51 PM

  • ...whenever you want...

    By grwurston, at 8:58 PM

  • grwurston, I'm trying to be generous by allowing any kind of politics at all.  I'd actually prefer not to have it here whatsoever, but thought I would still leave the door open a crack as long as people limit themselves and perhaps act respectful.

    By Todd, at 10:11 PM

  • GR has a good point the only location for the chaos is Truesee's blog because she blocks no one, her blog should be locked, problem solved. There is no chaos anywhere else.

    By jarasan, at 11:17 PM

  • BTW she has like 50 billion million views, so if views is the driving factor, that will continue to grow like to a trillion billion and also of note there are zero lottery posts in there.

    By jarasan, at 11:38 PM

  • * G, sentence has been passed down & it's a " John Wick" move on rogue blog responders. Accept your fate and move on.

    * Far be it for me to speak for someone else,  but when you start with " so you saying.." l think that's exactly what he is saying!

    By noise-gate, at 1:28 AM

  • Todd, I get what you're saying, however most of us that do post about politics on our blogs have already blocked the other team from commenting on our blogs. So that is not where all the "battles" are happening. It's all in one place and we all know where that is.
        So you're saying, because myself (and others) post a few political memes, or videos on our blogs and everything is civil, WE have to now be limited to one political post a week. All because of what is said on someone else's blog that puts out several political posts a day, (way more than anyone else) by people that may not even have their own LP blog?

    By grwurston, at 1:42 AM

  • Weasel must be so happy.

    By sully16, at 4:51 AM

  • Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is.  And you must bend to its
    power or live a lie.

    By CDanaT, at 5:10 AM

  • Yeah. The one guy that doesn't even have a blog of his own is causing other people's blogs to be limited to one post a week because of all the ____ he posts on someone else's blogs. So we get limited and he can post as much as he wants because he's doing it on someone else's blog. And you can see by his responses here that he's absolutely loving it.

    By grwurston, at 6:49 AM

  • * G, Stop whining will you. Blaming me for your present state of affairs is irresponsible. I have been blocked from your blog for ages because you looking for like minded folks to comment on it, and that's fine, l respected your decision & l have stayed away. My last interaction on a blog was on Maddog's & l abided by his decision. Just because l think differently does not make me the enemy.

    *Grow up will you, and adapt. If a rat's leg is caught in a trap, it will gnaw it off in order to survive, take the hint..

    By noise-gate, at 8:05 AM

  • grwurston, you are downplaying what is being posted and what it does to this website.  It is not just a couple of memes.  I enjoy memes, that would be fun.  But it's not that.  It is a constant barrage of highly-charged articles, mockery, and other stuff maliciously directed at people who disagree with the person posting.  It is an utter s**t show, and I'm sorry you can't see that, but I do and lots of other people do.  It won't be happening anymore.

    By Todd, at 9:50 AM

  • Look at truesees last posts, nothing but politics. Romney,  Trump, Biden, Alabama crossdressers�.I/we don�t get why the person that only has 165 total lottery forum posts and 30k blog posts gets a pass. Who are these sensitive peoples and what site is giving you such a bad rap? For goodness sake no one is forcing anyone to read our blogs.

    By jarasan, at 10:33 AM

  • Nope.  As I said before, and as anyone can see, truesee has always posted an eclectic mix of topics, politics among them.  Truesee gets a pass because truesee is apparently not motivated by hatred of one side of the political spectrum.  Truesee seems to be motivated by interesting news.

    By Todd, at 11:36 AM

  • Of course she posts both sides, has never commented and sits back like the wizard of oz and gets in her daily dose of schadenfreude.  Food for thought, with regards to politics, there is no eclecticism. Anything political will be prejudiced by the origin of the material, there are few if any straight fact producing sources eg. all these highly slanted rawstory, motherjones, msn, newyorker, infowars, breitbart, rollingstone, nymag washingtonexaminer. Free speech is everything.

    By jarasan, at 1:18 PM

  • NG thinks he does nothing. All he does is stir the pot on everyone else's blog and wonders why everyone blocks him. Here's a thought, how about posting something once in awhile without all the constant name calling and derision. Can you do it?

    By grwurston, at 2:00 PM

  • nothing wrong.

    By grwurston, at 2:01 PM

  • ng knows exactly what he is doing, and he relishes it because you know we are all his fans, remember? I know he he does not believe  anything he writes, he enjoys the role of provacateur, period. Joker is just very angry and I feel bad for his keyboard or phone.

    By jarasan, at 2:42 PM

  • * G, Jarasan- think for a full minute on what l am about to say:  You guys are implying that " l control Todd" that the Owner of this site obeys my wishes. Get real will you. Am l guilt free on the discussion- absolutely not,  l just happen to like engaging in conversation with people & sometimes the things l say may rub one the wrong way, on that point, l apologize,  but l have to be me. What a boring world this would never if we all thought the same way.

    * ng knows exactly what he is doing- and what would that be? I never forget the one lottery rule " make this a fun place." I think you guys have forgotten that, but that's just my opinion. Peace.

    By noise-gate, at 3:20 PM

  • " what a boring world this would be "

    By noise-gate, at 3:22 PM

  • Why are so many people here missing the obvious irony, NG?

    By Stack47, at 4:11 AM

  • Just ignore the liberal or conservative comments. Why would any administrator give credence about any singular blog(s) as opposed to their highly superior lottery articles/investigative findings and postings?
    Certainly, infinitesimal political blogs can NOT be main source of attraction to a lottery website ?...spilled milk or halloween candy wrappers on the lawn..Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.

    By CDanaT, at 12:57 PM

  • FYI, noise-gate doesn't even have a blog and is doing what he always does IE. commenting on a blog.

    "Why would any administrator"

    It's not that difficult to ask the administrator or maybe ask the moderator that posts "political blogs "

    By Stack47, at 2:03 PM

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