Lottery Post Journal

I am Legend

I saw the movie "I am Legend" last week.  What a great movie!

I was really puzzled by the number of negative reviews.  What are these people thinking? 

Even though it is a story that has been made into a movie at least two times before, I am Legend is a very different sort of movie.

I think the thing I liked most about it is that it took its sweet time.  It was not in a rush to get the the gory parts or to the showdown with an alien or something.  It dwelled on the everyday life of someone in a very unique situation, like a character study.

Following a normal person around is not very interesting, unless that person is the last survivor on Earth.  Then we want to see everything, and that's where this movie delivers.

The very surprising aspect of I Am Legend is that religion is treated as a positive thing in the movie.  What an unexpected treat to watch a movie that does not bash Christians or ram atheism down the audience's throat. 

What a concept -- that God is actually a positive force in the universe.  It's not a religious movie, but to see even one tiny part that treats religion as a positive thing is nice.

Hmmm.... come the think of it, that's probably why several reviewers gave it a negative review.  The majority of movie reviewers are liberal elitists, and we all know that religion to a liberal elitist is like garlic to a vampire.  So even one small mention would send their puny heads into a spiral.