Lottery Post Journal

Winston Churchill speaks again!

A clever take on Winston Churchill's famous address about fighting the Germans in WWII, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.  This time, instead of fighting Nazis, we're fighting Socialists -- on the battlefield of politics!  YEAH!!

If they beat us in the Senate, we will fight them in conference. If they beat us in conference, we will fight them in the House. If they beat us in the House over healthcare, we will fight them over cap and trade. We will fight them over immigration and amnesty. We will fight them over the deficit. We will fight them over the debt. And we will fight them in 2010. We will fight them in the House. We will fight them for Senate seats in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and Arkansas. We will fight them in Colorado and North Dakota and California and Washington State. We will fight them in Illinois and in New Jersey. We will never, never, never, never give up! Our country is at stake!

All our defeats do is to teach us the futility of appealing to moderate Democrats and the necessity - the dire necessity - of replacing them with committed Republicans. There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat in Congress. There are simply those whose votes the leadership does not need in order to promote its socialist agenda.

We will not place our faith in the Nelsons or the Lincolns or the Liebermans or the Landrieus of the Senate. Nor in the Blue Dogs of the House. All we do when we depend on them is to permit them to raise their price and up the ante for their vote. We will place our faith only in the Republicans who oppose them and who will bring the collective insanity which has gripped Washington to an end.

But we will continue to fight each battle in Congress because it is only by blunting Obama's momentum and by demonstrating to the voters of America how their Democratic members of Congress are only automatic votes for socialism that we have a chance to triumph in 2010. And triumph we will. We can only hope that there is still a country to take back!

Stay with us! Help us! Fight with us!

Avatar: One of the best movies I've ever seen

I saw the new Avatar movie today (opening day).  It surpassed all of my expectations -- and that was when it was only half-way through.

It is rare to watch a new movie that feels so completely unique and original.  Avatar is such a movie.  Every single second is beautifully and carefully rendered.  You can feel the attention to detail at all times.

Most of all, if you choose to see Avatar, do whatever you can to see it in 3-D.  There are theaters showing it in 2-D, and some in 3-D, and being sure to see it in 3-D was a great decision.

The 3-D experience was totally immersive, and thankfully left out all the gimmicks that all other 3-D movies exhibit.  Things like jamming objects into the camera lens to make the audience jump.  To me, that takes you out of the movie, rather than helping it.  In Avatar, 3-D only makes you feel like you are a participant in the action, rather than an entertaining gimmick.

All the good reviews that you may have heard are accurate -- and maybe even understated.  Avatar is one of the best movies in years.

MUST-WATCH: Lasik surgery as the model for all health insurance

What a presentation!  THIS is the true, honest, open debate that SHOULD be taking place in congress.  INSTEAD we are getting a huge government MESS shoved down our throats.

The people in favor of the big government mess always say, "The other side isn't providing any options."

I say, "Yes they are, and here's one of many that show just how easy it can be to afford health coverage for everyone -- once you eliminate the GOVERNMENT from the picture."