Lottery Post Journal

Avatar: One of the best movies I've ever seen

I saw the new Avatar movie today (opening day).  It surpassed all of my expectations -- and that was when it was only half-way through.

It is rare to watch a new movie that feels so completely unique and original.  Avatar is such a movie.  Every single second is beautifully and carefully rendered.  You can feel the attention to detail at all times.

Most of all, if you choose to see Avatar, do whatever you can to see it in 3-D.  There are theaters showing it in 2-D, and some in 3-D, and being sure to see it in 3-D was a great decision.

The 3-D experience was totally immersive, and thankfully left out all the gimmicks that all other 3-D movies exhibit.  Things like jamming objects into the camera lens to make the audience jump.  To me, that takes you out of the movie, rather than helping it.  In Avatar, 3-D only makes you feel like you are a participant in the action, rather than an entertaining gimmick.

All the good reviews that you may have heard are accurate -- and maybe even understated.  Avatar is one of the best movies in years.