Lottery Post Journal

Windows 8 is going to rock

I am watching a live stream of the keynote for Microsoft's BUILD conference, and they are demo'ing everything about Windows 8.

Holy mackerel, Windows 8 is going to revolutionize computers.

Everything is touchscreen, every piece of software written today will be compatible, and Windows is going to run on everything from tablets to powerhouse PCs.  And all the software looks and works the same on every type of computer.

Microsoft is my best friend again. Smile

Never Forget

Great article describing Intel's latest hardware-based RNG

Here is a fantastic article describing some historical perspective on random number generation, and how it has morphed into Intel's latest digital random number generator, which soon will be embedded within Intel microprocessors.

The new process generates random numbers at the rate of 3 gigabits per second!

There will no longer be a need for analog random number generators, such as radiactive decay and the random movement of lava lamps.