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Apple Safari available for Windows XP & Vista

I am typing this blog entry using the new beta of Apple's Safari Web browser, now available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Lottery Post has always been designed to work well with Safari, so those who choose to use Safari will have a good browsing experience at Lottery Post.  However, Safari is a little buggy with the text editor.  (Which is Apple's fault, and is slowly getting better.)  The new text editor used in the forums does work better than the one used in private messaging and blogs.

As I'm typing this in the blog editor, every time I hit Enter the cursor disappears and I have to click into the editor again to get it to appear.  Not devastating, but annoying.

Another thing about Safari under Windows that will either strike you as annoying or awesome, depending on your point of view, is that Apple insists on making the entire user interface look and function exactly like Mac OS/X.  Personally, I think it's annoying because i find OS/X to be much uglier than Windows Vista, and besides, Apple should write software that fits in with the other software on the operating system.  If someone wants a browser that looks like OS/X, then they would buy OS/X.

Nevertheless, more Web browser choices is always a good thing, so overall this is good news.

Here's the link!

Article Voting Progress

Well, I've got some stiff competition for Article of the month.  (Please see my blog, 2 posts back, for details if you're not sure what this is.) 

Here's the current stats:


ASP.NET Ajax Grid and Pager


Settings Manager for Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Introduction to WPF Animations

Interacting with Astoria Data Services

My article is the one in bold -- less than half the votes of the leader.  I checked the leader's blog, and it turns out he's trying to get HIS readers to vote -- and being quite successful at it, I might add.

C'mon Lottery Post members!  How about doing us proud by helping your intrepid Webmaster win the contest!  You'd think with the number of motivated members we have that we could muster more than 11 votes!

First, click here to create an account:

Then, click here to vote: (my article is the last one in the list)

How about it?  Who's going to help me win?

I didn't expect everyone to rush right over there, but...

...only 4 or 5 votes from all the members here?  How about showing a little love?

Did you enjoy the article? You can Vote for it

I posted at the end of May about a technical article I wrote that was posted at DotNetSlackers.

If you enjoyed the article, please vote for it at that site.  The author with the most votes receives an X-Box core system. 

The Voting page is located at:

In order to vote, you would need to register at the site, which is free.

I would encourage any .NET developer or hobbyist to take a look around the site (DotNetSlackers).  It has a wealth of knowledge and unique ideas, and will be a tremendous long-term asset for you.

Please be respectful of DotNetSlackers.  While I would greatly appreciate votes for my article, please don't do anything that could be construed as unfair (for example, trying to create multiple accounts, etc.).  I value my relationship with them, so just 1 vote by those who are so inclined would be more than fantastic.