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New Premium Blog Feature: RSS Feed

Today I implemented a feature that will help Premium Blog writers at Lottery Post integrate their Blogs with the rest of the Internet community.

Every Premium Blog now has its own RSS Feed, and all Premium Blog updates (every time you make a new entry) is entered automatically at, in the "master list" of entries.

You can access your RSS feed directly from any of your Premium Blog pages, using the RSS icon in the navigation menu (right or left side of the page, depending on which template you use).

You can also access the RSS feed by URL.  For example, my RSS feed is located at  Justy substitute the "todd" portion with your Blog folder name.

Any Gold or Platinum member at Lottery Post can get their own Premium Blog setup in a couple of seconds.  Just go to the Premium Blog Settings menu option in the Control Panel menu, and choose a title, description, and template style.

One Mammouth Online Company?

My goodness, might we be looking at one, huge online company called MSN, eclipsing half the marketplace?

Check this out:

Microsoft in AOL stake talks: source
Sep 15 10:44 AM US/Eastern

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Time Warner Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have been in business discussions over the past several months regarding Internet search and advertising networks, but not a joint venture, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

"There have been talks on ways Microsoft and AOL assets can be better leveraged and they've taken place over the normal course of business...," the source said, calling reports of a joint venture between the two companies "way overblown."

The source said nothing was "imminent."

Time Warner declined comment. Microsoft was not immediately reachable.

Various discussions between the two companies started some two years ago after the two companies settled a long-running antitrust suit that America Online, a unit of Time Warner, filed against the software giant, the source said.

Time Warner has been under pressure to boost its stock price, which has fallen 70 percent over the past five years. Corporate raider Carl Icahn this week said he planned to seek one or more shareholder-nominated board seats at the company to force changes.

Icahn has demanded the company raise its stock buyback to $20 billion, from Time Warner's existing commitments of up to $5 billion, and completely spin off its cable division.

Time Warner and Microsoft were said to be in talks on a joint venture combining AOL with MSN in an unconfirmed report published by the New York Post on Thursday.


March of the Penguins

What a delightful movie!

If you're looking for something different to see, this may be just the thing!  When the lights go down, sit back and be prepared to unexpectantly care about what happens to a group of penguins, which are -- at this very moment -- going through extrodinary things that you would never realize.

I was so completely taken by this movie.  Maybe it's because I was unprepared to care.

One of the great bonuses is the movie soundtrack, which is simply wonderful to experience, and is what I have playing right now.  The soundtrack is many times the "voice" of the characters, and it was written by people who took great care to craft a wonderful sensory experience.

Terrific piano, flute, violins, and percussion -- a real joy.

All in all, something to take one's mind from the unpleasantries of the world today.

I recommend you take your family to this movie -- all except for the fidgety MTV teens.  (Although who knows, maybe this movie can help some of those MTV types see beyond the blather that is force-fed to them on cable TV every day by horrible rappers and gangsters.)

Enjoy March of the Penguins for all of its many qualities.

President Bush

Amongst all the bad news and growling, snarling comments made by people today, it is not mentioned often enough just how lucky we are to have President George W. Bush as our President.

Thank God the majority of the people in this country came to their senses and elected our fine leader.

Thank God you have the internal strength to push aside all the sour comments from those who choose to lead lives of negativity and constant criticism.

Those people should be examining the mistakes and troubles of their own lives, which I am sure would form a much longer list than yours.

Thank you, George Bush, for being there when our country needs you, and for providing the leadership we have come to expect from you.

Gas Prices

Gas Prices

The Devastation of New Orleans

I think a picture always tells things best, as it is devoid of politics and interpretation.

Before and after photos of three places in the New Orleans area:

The City Park - Before

City Park - Before

The City Park - After

City Park - After

A Highway Interchange - Before

A Highway Interchange - Before

A Highway Interchange - After

A Highway Interchange - After

The Superdome - Before

The Superdome - Before

The Superdome - After

The Superdome - After