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Lottery Post listed among most popular in IE9 Add-Ons Gallery

I was happy to see this morning that Lottery Post is now listed among the most popular IE9 add-ons in the official Microsoft IE9 Add-Ons Gallery:  (Counting down from the top, it is #18 right now.)

When you use IE9 with Lottery Post, you a couple of extra features:

  • Search accelerator, which lets you highlight any text on the page and click the little accelerator button that appears next to the highlighted text, for instantly searching for the highlighted text anywhere on Lottery Post.  For example, if you're reading a news story about a winner who's won the lottery more than once, you can highlight the lottery winner's name with your mouse, click the accelerator button, and instantly search the entire site to find any other places that person's name is mentioned on Lottery Post (for example, in other news stories, forum posts, blog posts, etc.)  As another example, I clicked the word "anonymous" on a page, and was able to instantly locate all the various pages the word "anonymous" appeared on Lottery Post.
  • Pinned icon support, which lets you drag the little LP icon that appears next to the address (URL) in IE9 to your Windows 7 task bar, and get a dedicated Lottery Post icon right next to your other task bar icons.  (That's called pinning a site.)  When you open Lottery Post by clicking the pinned site icon, you get a nice color-coordinated version of IE9, and an extra LP icon in the browser that brings you right back to the LP home page when you click it.

IE9 usage is still not as high as the number of people who continue to use IE8, but it's slowly getting there.  I continue to be baffled by people who refuse to update their computers with the latest version of IE, but I guess some of that is Microsoft's fault, for not automatically doing the updates.  I wish Microsoft would update IE the way Google automatically (and silently) updates Chrome.

As IE9 usage continues to increase, I will look to implement other features that take advantage of its abilities.  For example, I am able to do things like present a notification on the icon if/when private messages arrive, and some other neat tricks.

But it is nice to see Lottery Post getting some good attention already among IE9 users, based on our position in the popular IE9 add-ons gallery.