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M:I 3 is a great action flick

I saw Mission: Impossible 3 yesterday, and I must say, it's a great action movie.  I have no idea why there are a bunch of critics out there saying it's a bad movie, because it isn't.

M:I 3 is just like the last 2 M:I movies -- you really need to see them more than once to totally understand all the twists and turns.  After you're finished watching, you sort of understand what just happened, but the characters' motivations change so many times in the last third of the movie that it really requires a second or third viewing to totally "get it".

I think many people get caught up in Tom Cruise's wacky behavior, so they don't like his movies as a result.  Personally, I think his movies are almost always terrific, and I think he's a good actor.

If you like action movies, see M:I 3, and be sure to see it in a good theater that has a good sound system.  It rocks.