Lottery Post Journal

New iPad has incredible screen

All the reviews are correct: the new iPad has the best screen you can imagine on a mobile device.

I am typing this right now on my new iPad, and I must say, Lottery Post has never looked better.

On any tablet, web pages get shrunk down to a screen typically between 9 and 10 inches in size. When text gets shrunk down like that on a tablet screen, the low resolutions of tablet screens makes the text seem fuzzy and not very legible.

But on the new iPad screen, it has such high resolution that the text when shrunk down remains razor sharp -- and I mean razor sharp.  It's like you put on a pair of glasses, and suddenly everything is clear.

Animations on the device also seem smoother than the iPad 2 (also because of the high resolution), but they are a hair slower.  Probably because it requires a lot more processor power to move all those pixels.

Anyone who is very accustomed to an iPad 2 will notice that the new one is ever so slightly heavier and thicker than the old one, but everyone else probably wouldn't notice the difference.

Apple has once again set the bar very high, and every other company will get very tired trying to catch up.