Lottery Post Journal

My default Web browser is now .... Google Chrome

Since Internet Explorer version 4.0 was released, IE has been my default Web browser.

The default browser, of course, is the one that opens automatically anytime your computer needs to view a Web page.  For example, if you're viewing a Word document and click a link in it, the default browser is the browser that opens and shows you the Web page.

As a Webmaster, I have always used IE because the majority of the visitors of the site use IE.  It's important to experience Web sites just like my Web visitors do, so I don't accidentally publish something that most people can't use perfectly.

Another reason for using IE is that certain key features have traditionally worked much better with IE.  For example, the text editor in IE really is the best.  Other browsers have some major glitches that the LP editor attempts to get around, but sometimes they are just flaky.

Anyway, Google Chrome has been growing by leaps and bounds in terms of stability and features, and I have always admired its terrific performance and simple, elegant interface.

Another great feature in Chrome, for anyone with more than one computer, is the ability to synchronize bookmarks automatically between all computers.  It works extremely well, and never seems to get out of sync.

So a few weeks ago, as a test, I set Chrome as my default browser on my computers.  I honestly didn't think it would last, but before I knew it, Chrome became "normal" for me, and I missed using it when I had to use a different browser.

It's not Earth-shattering news, but to me it signifies that Google Chrome really is a good, mature browser, worthy of everyday use.

IE9 is shaping up to be a really great browser too, and the rumor is that it will have a similar "minimal" interface to Google Chrome.  So I'm sure I'll need to revisit this situation when IE9 comes out next year, but for now it's Chrome for me.