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Political blogging at Lottery Post

I stated back in April that people posting streams of politics in their blogs will have those entires deleted.

I guess because the elections are happening now, people are getting geared up and posting more politics.  But the policy here has not changed.  This is not Politics Post, it's Lottery Post, and if the blogs are nothing but politics nobody will enjoy being here.

Because I was not successful in getting people to tone things down when I previously said, "Go ahead and occasionally post something about what you like," I will now set a hard ceiling for political posts.  That way there will be no mistake as to whether something crosses the line or not.

ONE PER WEEK.  You can post one political blog entry per week.

The only person who currently gets a pass on this hard ceiling is truesee.  Unlike other bloggers, truesee has no apparent political axe to grind, and posts many articles per day covering every subject, including politics.  But without agenda.  So truesee, you do your thing.

Everyone else gets one political post per week, which runs Sunday to Saturday.  So if you post something political on Monday and something else on Friday, Friday's post gets deleted.

Of course, I'm only talking about politics here.  You can post as much of whatever else you like in your blog.  It's the politics that are so corrosive.