Lottery Post Journal

An interesting trip around the blogs

The Lottery Post membership has really started to create a very interesting set of blogs!

There is a really nice way to browse through the various premium blogs, and it will give a nice view of what's happening out there.

You'll see in the top-right corner of this page a small button called "Next Blog".

You can click that button, and it will go to the next blog in the series of all the LP blogs.  So, if you keep clicking that button, you can browse through all the premium blogs.

(Premium blogs are available to all Gold and Platinum members.  Any Gold or Platinum member can create their premium blog with a couple of mouse clicks by selecting Premium Blog Settings in the Control Panel menu.  There are a few dozen professional templates available for instantly creating just the look you want.)

New IE7 Beta Released

Microsoft released a new beta of IE7 on Match 20th, which seems to resolve many (but not all) display glitches that the older beta had.

Also, the rich text editor support seems to be better and faster.

I still wouldn't recommend that regular web surfers install it, because it is still a work in progress, and many websites do not work properly with it yet.

However, website developers should probably get it at this point, because there are changes that will be required to websites in order to support the new browser.

For example, CSS hacks that are programmed into a site to get around IE5 and IE6 bugs will need to be addressed, so that they aren't used by IE7.  Lottery Post has a few of those that I'll eventually have to iron out.  It's a pretty big task.

Sopranos was "El Stinko"

How disappointing that the Sopranos reverted back to those horrible dream sequences.  They didn't even have talking fish to help salvage the wackiness.

And don't tell me the whole season is going to be devoted to Tony thinking he's dying or something.  Ugh!!!

Here's the Season 6 scorecard so far (from 1-10, 10 being the best):


  1. 10 - awesome in every respect
  2. 2 - saved from being a 1 because of some good lines by Pauley

Easy SSL Certificates only $30

If only they had this stuff when I first started building websites!

For people who want to provide secure pages on their website, there is now something called "SBS Instant" certificates, that only costs $30 a year, and takes only an hour or two to obtain.

It used to be that you had to go through hoops to get a certificate set up, like obtaining a Dunn & Bradstreet number, going through all kinds of address verification, and the process could take days (or longer).

Worse, it's something like $200 per year for certificates.  All to make sure that the little "lock" symbol appears, and you can get encryption on your website.

Now with the SBS Instant certificate, the only verification necessary is to receive an e-mail at whatever e-mail address is on the whois record, and they only cost $30.  And it only takes like 10 minutes to get the certificate.  That's just plain awesome for people who own small websites, and want to make them secure.

For those looking for these certificates, check out NetConnect, either through the small ad on the left side of the page at Lottery Post, or by going directly to

This would have made life so much easier for me years ago, but at least it's available for people just starting out now.