Lottery Post Journal

Gore is Pathetic

I just saw Al Gore on the news screaming about how GWB was directly responsible for the prisoner "abuse" thing.  (Actually it is more of a "hazing" thing in my opinion.)  Gore has sunk to new lows, although I didn't think it was possible.  His speech could easily be used as an al Queda rally speech (or by any anti-American group for that matter).

Every time I see this junk on TV, as upsetting as it is, I just keep saying to myself that regular Americans see right past it, and in their hearts know the truth.

Gore has gone from a relative moderate Senator from Tennessee to a fringe radical in the span of five years.  The guy is completely unhinged.

The full text of his speech from today:

I just gotta believe that Americans can see this wacko for what he has become.

Hateful Politics Help No One

I found this great little Sun-Times Article:

Daley says Kerry went too far with joke about president s fall

Some great quotes from the story:

"The thing I worry about in politics is all of these people hating one another [saying], 'I hate Kerry', 'I hate Bush.' I wish the normer presidents -- Carter and Ford and Clinton and Bush -- would all get up and tell people, 'You may support candidates, but don't hate the other candidate.'

"You see too much hate. And I'll tell you one thing -- hate will turn on people. . . . When hate gets in politics, it's a very, very dangerous aspect."

Shrek 2

I took my daughter to see Shrek 2 today - what a great movie! From what I've seen it will probably do about $125 million in its opening weekend, and it really deserves it. Great for all ages - lots of adult humor too. It has one scene with a take-off on the Fox show Cops that was just hillarious.

Childless German Couple Find Out Why

This article is too funny.

"OK, we're married .... now what?"

Big Change

Big change in my life today ... wish me luck.


Didn't win too much last night, but I'm back in play for the Saturday $205 mil jackpot.

Playing Powerball Tonight

Bought a bunch a Quick Picks in Delaware today.  I've been fortunate to be spending some time in Delaware while this big jackpot run-up has been going on.  The nice part is that WHEN I win, I will have no problem claiming the jackpot anonymously.  I think Delaware is the only state that has that provision written into its normal policies.


Finished the Sent Items folder for Gold and Platinum members.  It's really nice to be able to keep a record of all the private messages sent to other members, and it also shows which messages have been read and which haven't.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post about another HUGE feature that Gold and Platinum members will get.  This one's a real "biggie".

Got some coding in today

Worked on new Sent Items folder for Gold & Platinum memberships.  This will let members keep track of Private Messages that they send.

Also working on improving the results section.  The lottery results will be available for all US lottery states, plus Canada and the UK.  And they will be among the quickest results to the Web.

Gold and Platinum members are going to get improved access, including the entire draw histories for all games, statistics, and searching past results.

Also, there will be listings of current jackpots for all games, as well as jackpot histories.

This is going to be fun!  I wish I could have everything ready sooner, but it is a tremendous amount of work.

Big NJ Jackpot Tonight

$32.5 million - my tickets are all ready to go!  I bought a bunch of QPs because my own selections weren't doing the job.

NJ has had a tough time getting to this level lately, as has NY.  Now, they're both above $30 million (NY is $42 mil).

Great Sopranos Tonight

Vito had a shocking moment!  I think I must have done a triple-take on my TV screen!

New Blog Feature Added Today

Added the new Blog feature today.  I think it can be a useful feature for those who want a personal space for recording daily thoughts and/or accomplishments.

It's also one of many new features to come that will have different capabilities, depending on what your membership level is.