Lottery Post Journal


Personal attacks are not allowed on Lottery Post.

I am pretty much hands-off with regard to your opinions as you want to state them on the blogs.  However, that does not grant carte blanche to members who want to criticize someone with regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, or political viewpoint.

Also, if you're going to abuse the formatting of this website to post everything in giant block letters, your message is going to be deleted.  Shouting your attacks by posting them in giant block letters only proves that you are incapable of expressing your opinion in a legitimate, intelligent manner.

If you personally feel things are bad in this country for one reason or another and you need to attack the other side and call them whatever names come to your mind, then I'd advise you to not post that on Lottery Post.  We are a lottery website that permits free discussion in the blogs, but remember this is primarily a lottery website.  People come here to discuss the lottery, not politics.

At the end of the day please keep in mind that each of us are here because we all love playing the lottery.  See, there is common ground among us all.  Build on that, rather than using Lottery Post to divide us.