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A Patriot speaks passionately to Americans

Here are a couple of videos from "Thomas Paine", speaking in clear terms about what is wrong today and what we should be doing.

These are very appropriate videos to watch today, the day of hundreds of American Tea Parties, protesting our non-representing Representatives in the Federal government, who have eroded our liberty and ignored the people they claim to represent.

Time to take back America!

Video 1

Video 2


I love to see how this passionate fellow identifies our non-representing Representatives in the Federal government not by their political party, but rather by their behavior.

Those apologists who reflexively react to this kind of pro-American, small-government message by attempting to change the topic to an anti-Republican rant will hopefully see their automatic reactions as the media-driven brainwashing that it is.  These videos are not an attack on your Democrat party, and they are not an attack on your hero.  Rather, they are a strong reminder for Americans to see just how far we have strayed from our principles as a nation, and call-to-action to get involved and do something about it.

The voices of common sense are starting to wake up!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry nails it!!

Makes me want to become a Texan!

The Government Auto Repair Center!