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Monday, November 2, 2020


Democrats colluding with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results: Re

Tin foil hat or other?  You decide.

Democrats colluding with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results: Report

"Dave Janda of Operation Freedom ( has unleashed a bombshell story with huge implications for Tuesday’s elections. Janda’s guest in his latest broadcast is a former high-level intelligence official (Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney) who warns that the Dems and the CIA have put in place a mechanism which can alter the voting results of electronic voting machines in key swing states (like Pennsylvania) that will determine the outcome of the election.

This covert technology is called Operation Scorecard, and it was built by the CIA to surreptitiously steal elections in targeted countries. Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden, explains Janda’s guest. ...."

"..... In the interview, he explains that a covert app called “Scorecard” steals votes by making sure Democrats always stay about 3% ahead of their Republican rivals. “Scorecard steals the elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points,” he adds.

This also explains why Joe Biden recently said, with great clarity, “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

I new they weren't worried, well.....
Thanks Sully. They seemed really calm didn't they?

RCP has Biden ahead in Pennsy by 3 points.
Hard to believe the outcome of the votes if Trump loses this election.
I have been skeptical of the polling in favor of Biden from the start.

Thanks JAP. I am skeptical of all polls due to how they've been manipulated in the past.
Wow, this is incredible. So Obama truly did win his second term by fraud. As much as I dislike Romney, I dislike Obama much, much more. And No Wonder Hitlery continues to be a bittch on wheels. This puts a whole new slant on tomorrow, God Help us. I have always liked Mcinerny he is a standup, no nonsense man.
Too complicated, they have to intercept voting machines...............
Thanks Lejardin. They will go to any length to turn back to business as usual.
Thanks Jarasan. I hope and pray you're correct.
I thought all the voting polls were centralized meaning no outside source could penetrate or alter the data. I simply do not trust the Democrats or CIA and feel the president should do a complete house cleaning of the upper tier individuals at the CIA and this includes firing Gina Haspel along with the FBI's Chris Wray.
Thanks Unluckyone. Yes a full house cleaning. There have to be capable people to take all places which are vacated.

I agree Unluckyone, I was reading the American Report and
“they “ pull the voting data from remote transfer stations. I would not trust anyone in those positions ie Comey, Clapper and especially that pos Brennan. Cleaning house is correct, starting with that squid Christoper Wray, a whole bunch of commie traitors, especially that dense Mueller. Rotten to the core these people are.
Thanks Lejardin. I'm definitely in favor of cleaning house, putting in new people.
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