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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Socialist Princess Ocasio-Cortez Suffers Twitter Meltdown After She Is Called Out on Her Elite Upbri

She's going to be such fun!  ROFL   Think of the memes to be created using her brilliance.

Socialist Princess Ocasio-Cortez Suffers Twitter Meltdown After She Is Called Out on Her Elite Upbringing

lol, yep , maybe she can help Hank Johnson, together they can keep Guam from tipping over.
I don't know what scares me more, these 2 or the people that voted for them.
Loved her "mansplaining" retort. I understand what it is, but have never seen a legitimate example of it, especially since the definition constantly changes - in this case the charge is leveled b/c she was caught out in a lie.

Yep, it's going to be fun watching "Occasional-Cortex" over the next couple of years.
Whomever brought that thing up, had to have dropped her on her head numerous times. Lord have mercy on us, if she is one of the elite liberal loonies
@ Sully,
    LMAO, yes she and Hank make a Perfect Pair. But the people who voted for have surpassed logic and pushed her to the back of the Bus.

Thanks Sully. They both are indeed scary. Sad to say Johnson is from Georgia, same as the Trump-deranged clerk in the vape store.
Thanks Mike. Maybe some unsuspecting rich guy will come along thinking he needs some arm candy and she'll go away. Doubtful but she seems as if she's there to take the place of Pelosi as the biggest dipstick in congress.
Thanks Maddog. Yep the bug eyed expression is a dead giveaway.

She's a perfect example of the logic of the left .... none, nada zero, practical application of IQ in the minus level.
Maybe she can claim she's part frog and her Mom only got garbage can flies for dinner.
Thanks Sully. Good one! Intelligence wise that would likely work. Bet Kermit wouldn't claim her though.
She's so stupid, I'm surprised she was ever a bartender. She probably had to look in the bar guide to figure out how to mix a scotch and soda.

It's not just that, but I think she's probably's in those crazy eyes. She should go ahead and get fitted for a designer straitjacket.
Thanks Mike. I would be highly reluctant to drink anything she mixed. And yes those eyes, scary indeed.
Well, you'll just have to have your shot of Socialism straight-up, then.

Then again, it's already on the rocks, so....
Thanks Mike. Socialism for me would be like syrup of Ipecac. Projectile vomiting.
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