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Sunday, November 25, 2018


The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact

You decide.

The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact

For many years, I have stated many times, the United States should bolt the doors of the United Nations. We can never allow other countries to make laws to govern the United States. There are other countries doing what President Trump did by pulling out of the pact. Obama, Hillary wants a Third World Order. We should never allow immigrants from Third World Countries. They have nothing to contribute and only add to the debt.
Thanks CARBOB. That video said a lot of things not PC but most times PC gets in the way of facts and figures. What they're asking in truth is for every household to unlock its doors and prepare to be looted because an unelected governance says to have at it.

People learn by being taught to create, not by being given the right/permission to take from others what they've created for their families and themselves. It's all about bringing freedom to the chopping block so that unelected bureaucrats can decide for us better than we can decide for ourselves.
When I was in the USAF, I was always not PC. Matter of fact I was told by Branch NCOIC, an E9, I would never make it in the USAF for a career. I will explain why. My squadron started in 1958 and was created as a different field in Surveying. My AFSC was 222X0 which the career field merged with Construction and Geodetic type surveying. One example, construction surveying does not use the curvature of the Earth in any calculation or Astronomy. The Team Chiefs were construction type surveyors. I was trained as a Geodetic type surveyor. When we were deployed to establish Horizontal & Vertical control, myself and other young people trained as I was would do all field work and calculations. The Team Chiefs were not trained to do the calculations. Even the Branch NCOIC was not trained to do those calculations. he knew Myself and others like me knew more about our career field than him. In 1965, I was an E-4 and went on a trip to establish control for a N-S reference line for Physics International Lab in Union City, Ca. They developed Prisms for Defense Dept. The crew consisted of an E-4, E-5,E-6 and a Capt. We had a meeting in the motel room. His instructions went like this. Bob, you turn all the angles and azimuths, do all the calculations. He would do all the distances and calculations, then he and I would check each others work. It took a lot of years before someone who knew the career field to occupy the Branch NCOIC chair, as well as I and the other individuals who entered the same time. I personally thought the older NCO's felt out of place.   

Thanks CARBOB. To my way of thinking PC defines how someone wants something to sound when they hear it, not how events and mindsets work when applied in the real world.
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