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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


JFK Assassination Autopsy Details Revealed After 55 Years (vid)

I'm not embedding this video due to it having autopsy photos. If you have time this is a very interesting video but only you can decide if it has any interest to you..

JFK Assassination Autopsy Details Revealed After 55 Years

A little longer than I have time for now, but skimmed through it and was surprised they showed the graphic photos; YouTube often won't let dead bodies be shown. Not sure why they're so inconsistent with what they allow.

As is almost always the case, the comments under the video were "interesting". Some Trump bashing going on, but more supporting him and of course, no matter what the topic, there are conspiracy theories galore and esp. with something so controversial as JFK.

I've been to the spot where JFK was assassinated, but didn't go into the museum; it's on my bucket list. There's a 24 hr. webcam from the 6th floor window Oswald shot from.

Funny, but I just saw a line of about six/seven people riding what looked like those elec. Razer scooters w/ flashing light going down the sidewalk. I was watching the Abby Road crossing one evening - the one made famous by The Beatles - and saw a girl get hit by a car! I was watching the HenCam one late afternoon and saw one of the birds topple off the nest, dead. It was my favorite, a little banty Leghorn . She was "old" though and her death was not unexpected according to her owner.
I was 19, when this happen and it angered me very much. Not yet old enough to vote Kennedy was my favorite candidate. Johnson & Hoover were two of the most crooked politicians in D.C. I was very suspect of Johnson and I believe to this day, he was involved. This was one the main reasons, I switched to Goldwater in 1964.
Thanks Mike. I feel the results back then were formed according to the narrative. Sad scary tumultuous times those years with the cold war, protests, Nam which turned into identity politics and assassinations of high profile people.
Thanks CARBOB. I was in high school when the bone chilling announcement of his being shot was announced. A pall fell over the entire school. History has shown he made some mistakes but he also was likely relying on faulty intelligence. Kennedy indicated he wanted to remove the military industrial complex which Eisenhower spoke about, but future history may show it was what got him first. Pray for Pres Trump because he's trying to achieve the same results.
When Eisenhower spoke about the Military Industrial Complex, he was warning the public about all the corruption inside of the military contracts, which was true, $1000 wrenches. coffee pots. That crap continues, even today.
Thanks CARBOB. Yep black projects funded by $1000 wrenches.
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