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Friday, November 30, 2018


Conservative Anger Against Twitter Is Causing Its Stocks To Fall

Oh well .... Also remember to boycott advertisers too.

Conservative Anger Against Twitter Is Causing Its Stocks To Fall

"As it turns out, bigotry isn’t good for business.

According to The Hill, Twitter’s stocks have fallen by over eight percent after a reported boycott lead by Fox News: ..."

Gooood, Bury the FotherMucker.
Thanks JADE. I think all the bigs are going to shrink considerably.
Twitter users are leaving the nest.
Thanks JAP. Yes. It's apparent by them blocking conservative accounts that free speech absent of expressed criminal intent is not acceptable.
I have a Twitter account, only because I'm nagged to sign in when I want to read a Tweet that's in the news. I don't follow many people, though. Facebook is facing some extreme backlash as well and their stock has also fallen and the future isn't looking too rosy for it, according to stock experts.

I did learn a painful truth about Twitter a few years back after reading about some actors in new TV shows I liked; don't read their Tweets b/c if you're like me, you can't help but think of their ignorant and hateful Tweets when you next see them on screen.
Thanks Mike. I hope all leftist leaning venues implode on their own lack of merit for having silenced conservative convos while keeping edgy and has been characterized by some violent posts up. My dislike for google goes back years ago when they forced their (sensored) toolbars on browser updates even though you'd check no. I'm someone you don't force stuff down my throat and get me to accept it just because you said so. I don't use them as a search engine and delete them from all my browsers as a potential search engine.
There was an article on Drudge earlier about Google execs discussing whether to include conservative websites at all in their results. I didn't read it, but will, am sure there will be more about that tomorrow.

I have a Blogger blog (owned by Google) and use Google some on Firefox, but also use other browsers and have other search engines for them. They also own YouTube, and while I appreciate Styx's advice to use that video platform HE uses, it doesn't even begin to bust a grape against YT. I follow several channels that make up a big part of my video watching and only a few are political.

Google has disappointed me in several other ways besides their blatant political bias, the latest one by discontinuing their reader. I found another (Feedly), but like I said, it just disappointed me as an old fart to have to learn to use something new. I don't know if Google has ads, but I use an adblocker and keep it turned on nearly everywhere but here and in a few sites that I have to whitelist or not get to read their articles. Anyway, not sure how Google makes money off me, but I guess they do.
Thanks Mike. I use Bing search. You can earn points which you can buy certain gift cards, Amazon for one. I figure if they're going to track my searches then I have the potential of getting something in return.
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