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Friday, November 30, 2018


Clintons Face Empty Seats As Trump-Trashing Speaking Tour Kicks Off With A Coughing Fit

Looks like Bill's charisma is like corroded brass now. Can't even fill a small venue. Poor over the hill tottering Hillary. No amount of botox or makeup can fix that.

Clintons Face Empty Seats As Trump-Trashing Speaking Tour Kicks Off With A Coughing Fit

Love it. The Clintons are finally getting toxic. Still a nice haul financially but those paying to see them are idiots. These pictures are a great visual. 3300 for an arena that holds 19,800 is pathetic.
It's funny, Ann and I were talking about this last night.

If this was a Turmp rally, not only would the stadium be filled, it would be over flowing outside.
Thanks Lejardin. Donations to the Clinton Foundation are virtually zero so they have to have money to support their lifestyles. I think they're trending from toxic to 'radioactive,' but they don't seem to want to go away.
Thanks JADE. OMG yes I've seen photos of his rallies and you're right.
Oh I am sure the Clintons are VERY well set with offshore bank accounts, they wont want for anything. But their greed will not allow them to walk into the sunset even WITH what they have. They will try for more, why else would Hillary be seeking to try to get into the White House again? Just like horseface himself, John Kerry, they wont give up. I am just shocked at the greed factor.
Thanks Lejardin. I think we're all blessed that we don't have the same thought processes they do.
For information, I read the articles. To gauge the public's overall opinion, I read the comments under the article and sometimes I get the side-benefit of being amused.

Under an article I read yesterday about this very thing, someone was ranting about Trump and saying they would have voted for a dead cat before they would have voted for him, someone replied to them and said their cat was still alive, but probably on the last of her nine lives and that it looked as though she was trying to cough up a hairball.

I found it very denigrating towards cats. <wink>
Thanks Mike. Really funny description and agree denigrating toward cats.
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