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Sunday, November 25, 2018


Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain

Recommended read if you've been wondering what's happening around the Clintons. 

Lots of indictments and sentencing.

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain

That is good research, scary swamp greedy thieves, all politically connected to steal, embezzle, and launder money.
Thanks Jarasan. I thought it was one of the best finds in a long time. Let's keep our fingers crossed the swamp keeps getting drained.
This is all news to me. I have not seen a mention of this anywhere else.
News to me too, JAP. It's as though a Pulitzer is dangled before most so-called "journalists" and asked "Do you want to do a little digging and get one of these....or keep on being a useful idiot tool of the Democrats?" and they say "I think I'll just remain a partisan hack, thanks."
Thanks JAP. I've seen the linked archived article about documents being flown to the DOJ, but forgot about it until reading this article.

Like you this is the first fleshing out of some of what's been taking place under the radar. Like any conspiracy theorist would ask <--- I wonder if the caravan is being used as a distraction from what's set to tumble out from all this? Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks Mike. I wonder if there is an award for being a partisan hack? They might better order them by the case.

Provided this article is accurate, it is an example of what real news once was.
posted by konane : 7:59 PM
I done a separate search on four or five of the people mentioned in the article who were prosecuted and found each of them in separate articles verifying the truth to this article.

They have been doing a lot os swamp draining in Arkansas that is for sure.
Thanks JAP.   Thank you so much for doing that search and verifying the accuracy of the article. Yes indeed they have been busy starting at the bottom rolling it upward.

Apparently the person who has access to Pacer and keeping up with indictments, posting them on may be more accurate than many realize. Numbers set to be updated after the first of the month are 63,228 SEALED | 5,916 UNSEALED | 88,069 NON-SEALED as of now.

If the above numbers are correct Huber and 470 US attorneys at his disposal have been busy.
Holy cow, we finally have people working to get rid of the scum. Thank you President Trump. Can we get rid of Mad Maxine, she is so disgusting, vile and crooked. One of the worst.
Thanks Lejardin. They've been working silently which is the best way. But now we will begin hearing about it.
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