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Saturday, October 10, 2009


YouTube - Big Brother is Watching You

Great video. I remember that rental car story years ago, but I never knew printers could monitor someone, now that was new to

What most people scoff at when it comes to issues as this, is whether if they really have an evil purpose. But it's happening so slowly that they don't perceive it's arrival and finalization. It's a slow building of a web designed in a stealthy way. On one hand they provide folks with a service, and the person is so focused in using the device or devicses, that over time, they forget the plan by the elite, and play into the trap.

I'm guilty of being caught in the trap too. I just hope that the success in waking folks up from a hypnotic state will continue. The past 7 or 8 years, people are heeding the warnings, which seems to have affected the plan a wee bit. A little dent in their agenda. Nevertheless, If more people would see the atrocities, the better.

Sometimes I feel like unplugging myself forever. No cell phone, computer, or any device. I'd just resort to a beeper I made myself. One that has no tracking

Keep spreading the warnings ....

We are in the "information age" Everything is being recorded and stored for whenever it might be needed, for you or against you. Including your blogs, your forum posts, your tweets, your text, your myspace replies, etc... The health care's main plan is not to help everyone as we are lead to believe. It's to database everyone for numerous reasons, such as, who received the flu shot, who is not in the DNA database, are you healthy enough to work the job your applying for, are you healthy enough to continue driving, are you healthy enough for that life insurance plan, the list goes on and on.
Thanks Joker! Exceptionally well stated. If people would turn off the boob tube, get in touch with their own feeling-sense/intuition/gut-instinct they just might wake up. Our own senses about something are designed to protect us from things which may be not beneficial to us in the short and long haul.

However most people are occupied with sports of all kinds, tv dramas, evening tabloids and reality programs .... which is diversionary by design.

Prevailing message over a few thousand years from power mongers is to not trust ourselves, place our faith, trust and hope in them to do it for us ... to intercede on our behalf. We're seeing what creek that message just put us in.
Thanks Toad! Yes everything is recorded for use later. I believe what you're saying about healthcare is what's making hair stand up on the necks of a lot of people. With all that in the database central planners have all they need to create an ideal compliant society which won't challenge their authority.

I'll defer to my metaphysical perspective by stating what central planners are intent upon bringing about flies in the face of what the human souls seeks which is freedom of experience and expression. Their plans for us goes against everything we inherently are and which our US Constitution grants us the freedom to bring about should we so desire.
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