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Sunday, October 11, 2009


"The Nobel Peace Prize Is Over

Linked from Q-news this sums things up well. 
Please note exceptional commentary by a reader which appears below article.
Posted Friday, October 09, 2009 10:39 AM

"The Nobel Peace Prize Is Over

Weston KosovaSource The Gaggle 

"The Nobel committee has handed out some puzzling peace prizes over the years—Henry Kissinger and Yasir Arafat come to mind—but even given a few scratches and dings, the Nobel retained its luster as the most prestigious award of any kind in the world. Long after the "red carpet" pretty much destroyed the idea of prizes in general, the Nobel Peace Prize was still seen as rare and precious. By cloaking its deliberations and through brilliant PR, the committee gave the prize a supranatural aura, as if the name of the winner were spit out of the mouth of an ancient volcano.

That's all over now. The Nobel Peace Prize is finished.  It's just another "prize," like a Teen Choice Award for old people. No matter what you think of Obama, the man has done nothing, at all, to deserve it. He may deserve it someday, but the Nobel prize isn't supposed to be a bet on the hope of the possibility of greatness at some point in the future. And it can no longer be taken seriously. From now on, no matter who wins, no matter how deserving, people will say, "Yeah, but they also gave it to Obama." The 1.4 million bucks is still nice, though."


"Posted By: Victor Erimita (October 10, 2009 at 2:37 PM)

Should the Nobel Prize in medicine be awarded to someone who hopes and aspires to create a cure for cancer? Should the physics prize be awarded to someone who makes soaring speeches about proving the Unified Field Theory?

And, Tomcat, the reason some of us might have a problem with just any American getting the prize is that the last three who got it, got it precisely for their anti-American rhetoric. In the view of Euro elites, America is the cause of most of the world's problems. We are to be diminished, weakened, humbled and vilified. Any prominent figure who will do that in a popular way is eligible for the prize. Obama qualifies, because he has "changed the tone" of American foreign policy, which means he apologizes endlessly for our national iniquity, ignores or praises tyrants from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from "Palestine," to Venezuela, Cuba and Honduras, while disrespecting our allies and joining the international chorus of condemnation for that other cause of all the world's problems, Israel. This is music to the ears of the luminaries of the Nobel committee. Yo see, Tom ,many of us lesser-enlightened Americans still feel we have done far more good than harm in the world, and that the self-styled voices of enlightenment in Europe and the American Left ignore, appease and praise the most vicious tyrants in the world so long as they mouth leftist slogans and and say hostile things to the hated U.S. Obama was awarded for that, which we think merely feeds the destructive narrative. But of course, those of us who have a different opinion than you are not worthy to speak, are we? Diversity of opinion is not a diversity you honor."

I've only been playing the Lottery for a little while and I've hoped to win every time. Do I get the Nobel prize for numerology ? Hey, the 1.4 Million would be nice.

This committee has taken all the prestige away from it, by giving this to the one hope wonder. It will never be the same again, period....! True, they've taken all the luster from the prize, by giving it to Obama. The cut off for him to be eligable was Feb1st, so that means he did absolutely nothing to deserve such an award. They need to just donate the money to charity and say everyone gets the award. They are as worthy as the one who recieved it.....!!!

Good article Konane..!
Thanks Maddog! Excellent point about being hopeful to win the lottery, equally valid to what they just did.

Amazing globalists are no longer ABLE to hide their agendas .... they keep popping outta hidey-holes just like 'Groundhog Day'.
This prize was worthless since Yasser and Carter got it. It means nothing, it is a European carrot to our lovely leader.
Thanks Jarasan! Well that's the way I've viewed it ..... big yawner.
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