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Monday, October 23, 2006


"North Korea Ready to Compromise?


"Since the end of last week we've been hearing that The Gargoyle apologized to China for his test of a nuclear weapon.  Why apologize to China?  Because China was furious about the test, and they let Kin Jong Il know it.  The Norks are fully dependent on Chinese aid ... so when China is mad things aren't well in North Korea.

Now .. that brings us to the Democrats.  You will recall that as soon as Kim Jong Il detonated his bomb the Democrats were insisting that bush give him just what he wanted ... two-party talks with the United States.  Bush said no.  Two-party talks would strengthen the Nork psychopath and demean the U.S.  Bush insisted on the multi-party talks and sent Secretary of State Rice to talk to the countries most directly affected by North Korea's actions.  The result?  China puts pressure on Kim Jong Il and another test doesn't seem to be in the cards, and now they seem to be willing to return to the six-party talks.

The Democrat way --- a strengthened Kim Jong Il.  Bush's way --- Kim Jong Il bowing to Chinese pressure."

I could'nt agree more konane. The dems are not thinking with the right HEAD.! I still say "screw em"...
Drugged out peacenicks from the 60's weren't smart enough to figure out how to win during Nam and cost thousands of GI lives, diminished our world standing from being victorious to cut and run.

Those same brain-damaged tired senile old socialist pieces are now serving in Washington as Democrats. They've proven beyond the shadow of a doubt they've never had the mind or nads to make tough decisions when dealing with sociopaths like Kim Jong. Their mantra, give them what they want so they'll go away.

Any psycho dictator or terrorist (they're interchangeable in my book) sensing weakness goes for the jugular whether now or later. Carter negotiated the grand prize for Kim Jong under Clinton, so he's back to bleed us again so he can have caviar, sushi prepared by chefs flown in while North Koreans starve. Read an article, believe in a Chinese newspaper, saying NK children have disappeared and human flesh immediately appeared in some of the markets.

Boortz said on his show today he knows Jimmy Carter and believes he's absolutely losing his mind given some of the insane statements he's made lately. I think his guard's down and we're seeing the real Jimmy Carter.
"They've proven beyond the shadow of a doubt they've never had the mind or nads to make tough decisions when dealing with sociopaths like Kim Jong." Ha! What a great, funny statement! Sounds like the kind of person Hillary Clinton would marry.
We knew who wore the pants and probably for what reason in that sham marriage.
Personal attacks + desperation.
i know Boortz - don't believe everything he says on the air.
This time he was quite serious, saying to anyone who might work for the Carter Center to please pass the message along to Jimmy.

My gut says he might have an undiagnosed heart problem negatively impacting circulation. Auric energy in his heart area is very dense, not flowing.
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