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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Maryland~ Steele 'slaps back with a sledge hammer'

"Morton's Monstrous Dilemma

Hatched by Dafydd

"Today, Republican Michael Steele slapped back at his opponent in the Maryland Senate race, Ben Cardin... with a sledge hammer.

Michael J. Fox has been running a tear-jerker ad in numerous venues, in which we discover that the Republican in the race, [Jim Talent | Michael Steele | Tom Kean, jr. | Mark Green | Peter Roscam], is a heartless bastard who doesn't care about sick people, and who actually wants to see Michael J. Fox suffer and die; whereas the Democrat in the race, [Claire McCaskill | Ben Cardin | Bob Menendez | Jim Doyle | Tammy Duckworth], is a bold visionary who supports scientific research and actually cares about suffering people... and if we elect the Democrat, then Michael J. Fox will be cured of Parkinson's Disease.

Today, Steele fired a response-ad right back at Ben Cardin. Here is the text; you can watch the ad at the Power Line link above:  (  ) 

STEELE: I’m Michael Steele, and I approve this message.

TURNER: I’m Dr. Monica Turner.

Congressman Ben Cardin is attacking Michael Steele with deceptive, tasteless ads. He is using the victim of a terrible disease to frighten people all for his own political gain.

Mr. Cardin should be ashamed.

There’s something you should know about Michael Steele. He does support stem cell research, and he cares deeply for those who suffer from disease.

How do I know? I’m Michael Steele’s little sister.

I have MS, and I know he cares about me."....................

The only stance that Michael Steele has run in his ads is that he is out to change Washington. BS!! He usually speaks from both sides of his mouth, and will kiss keep a job.
If the answer to Steeles' sisters disorder lies in embryonic stem cells, and research done on those harvested cells that are going to be tossed out were to provide her with a cure, then I guess he doen't really care. He agrees with studing adult stem cells only.
anyway, I'm rather happy that your sources will not be voting in Maryland.
I heard that one on the air. Did anyone hear the mainstream media talk about it? Any interviews with Katie Couric for Dr. Monica Turner? Larry King? Anderson Cooper? Oprah?

The only thing the MSM cares about is the initial unfair attack by liberals. They could care less about the response, or even the facts. All that matters is their pathetic initial smear attack by the poor, helpless victim.

Adult and cord stem cells have shown a much higher success rate, and much better hope for cures. The embionic stem cell theories have never, ever shown one ounce of proof of success. You are being sold false hope by those pushing embrionic stem cell theory. I repeat: adult and cord stem cell research has shown much more promise than embrionic. That is a fact.

To understand why people are making such a big deal about this, follow the money trail. The fertility clinics stand to make millions of dollars off of the sale of embrios they do not want. All forms of research companies will get millions in government grants. Militant liberal groups will be propped up with a new artificially-inflated sense of importance.

There are many things at work here, but after all the money is spent, and all the political arguments forgotten, the cures will still not be there. Some people care more about the actual cures than the political correctness. I am one of those people. Embrionic stem cell research is not what you think.
The Powerline guys who are lots more knowledgeable than me about Maryland politics are very impressed with Michael Steele qualifications, enumerating them several times.

The MSM will never be behind a Republican or conservative African American candidate .... doesn't fit with their socialist agenda.
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