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Saturday, December 3, 2005


Ugly Side of Bird Flu

Bird flu jumping species to us is something we're all concerned about and am sure authorities in the US are doing all they can to prevent a problem for us.  However, Asia seems to be bearing the brunt of the problem and it is said that China is suppressing numbers .... probably because the'll be hosting the Olympics and want to present a PC face to the world.


I picked up the last article a couple of weeks ago on a Chinese site while surfing that shows birds which died from "golden fever" being collected daily and taken to a processor who dresses them out, puts them through a recoloring process and sells them in local markets in Shenyang, mentioned in one article as a center of bird flu epidemic.  Yep you read correctly diseased birds are cleaned, cooked and sold for human consumption.  Perhaps cooking renders them harmless to humans but perhaps close exposure during cleaning may be the hidden link.
"Jakarta: Avian Flu Virus 'All Over City'
by J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Dec 2, 2005

Fear is spreading. So is the bird flu.
In Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, officials admit that "it's very serious. Based on our research, the virus has spread all over the city."
In Tien Giang province, a man was taken to the hospital when saying he had a high fever, the AP reports. He was then taken to isolation. However, he said he needed to get some personal belongings back at his home.
He left the hospital and never returned. Before leaving hospital care, he informed the staff that he had become ill after he had slaughtered his bird flu sick poultry.
More than millions of birds have been killed in Indonesia due to the infection.
"China says bird flu virus in humans mutating
Nov 28 9:50 AM US/Eastern

"Official Chinese bird flu deaths could be 'tip of iceberg'
Updated 12:31 25 November 2005 news service
Debora MacKenzie
A respected Japanese scientist, who works with the World Health Organization, has told New Scientist he fears that China’s official tally of laboratory-confirmed human bird flu fatalities – just three – is only the tip of the iceberg.Masato Tashiro, head of virology at Tokyo’s National Institute of Infectious Disease – a WHO-collaborating centre for bird flu – showed a slide at a meeting of virologists in Marburg, Germany, on 19 November listing “several dozen” outbreaks in people, 300 deaths, 3000 people placed in isolation, and seven human-to-human transmissions. The meeting was reported in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Tashiro has now told New Scientist that the figures were examples of the “unauthorised information” circulating in China, where he was recently helping investigate the outbreak in Hunan for the WHO.
Earlier reports suggested that Tashiro believed 300 to be the true death toll from bird flu in China. “I do not know whether the numbers were based on any evidence,” he says."......
Asian site which shows a report done in Aug. in or near Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province in China,  about someone gathering dead chickens (called golden fever chickens) to be dressed out cooked and apparently resold for consumption.
If you have a strong gag reflex, weak stomach or are easily offended by reality of another culture .... don't bother hitting the link.
Link live as of posting
Site loads faster with Opera or Firefox but is SLOW LOAD even on dsl.
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Tough gig for birds. But interrupting the spread of an infectuous agent that's not transmitted human to human just isn't that difficult. Too bad it's going to cost so much money to not stop an epidemic that doesn't involve humans unless they forsake prudent behavior.

Thanks for your comment! Good to have you back!!
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