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Saturday, January 26, 2019


Trump Announcement Starts 3 Week Clock In Strategic Plot Predicted By Q

Comprehensive video.

Trump Announcement Starts 3 Week Clock In Strategic Plot Predicted By Q

I don't think the shut down was over the wall, or even as an excuse to show the Country the dems are putting illegals first.
I think there may be people in Government who are on the drug cartels payroll, some in the child trafficking circles, or both..they are sick. gotta keep them borders open.
I think this shutdown was also a way to rid deep state operatives after the 30 day mark rolled around.
And just maybe a test, a test on shutting the Government down, logistics...
I think there will be a State of emergency, I think in 21 days we are going to see the massive arrests start.
they didn't send 2 prison barges to gitmo for fun, hired 407 prosecutors, and the cherry on top, letting Nancy pants think she's running the show. 45 has been very restrained dealing with her, almost a quiet reserve, not enjoying it like his usual bouts with foes. Nope, not his usual self.

Thanks Sully. All your observations are excellent. There are some departments which have hold overs from previous administrations which are non essential to any but the deep state. I hope those can be eliminated for good.

I believe Q said something to the effect when the Pres seems his weakest is when he's strongest. Letting Nancy sit and sign as if she's queen-just-coronated I feel is a strategy. I would not have said that with previous presidents in office but with Pres Trump yes.
With a CR Trump has access to 1.6 billion under the 2018 budget level for the border barrier.
"Congress often enacts a series of continuing resolutions (CRs), which are short-term spending bills that typically maintain funding levels at the previous year’s levels."

The FY 2018 President’s Budget funds the following key investments:

$1.6 billion for 32 miles of new border wall construction, 28 miles of levee wall
along the Rio Grande Valley, and 14 miles of new border wall system that will
replace existing secondary fence
in the San Diego Sector, where apprehensions are the highest along the Southwest Border, and where a border wall system will deny access to drug and alien smuggling
Thanks JAP. Awesome information, thank you so much for posting. We're gonna get that wall & cut off the drug smuggling and trafficking.
posted by konane : 1:53 PM
With the way I figure it and my above information is correct President Trump or DHS has 21 days to sign contracts for new border wall construction totaling 1.6 billion and the budget money set aside from the CR to pay for the new contracts.
I think Trump was going for the 5.6 billion during the shutdown negotiations but finally settled for the CR.
See how negotiations go between the House and Senate in the next 21 days for more wall money.
Thanks JAP. I think we need to email or call our respective congress persons' offices to insist they vote yes on funding the wall/barrier.

I feel he was showing he is the reasonable one even with a specific goal in mind, and drew the opposition out in the open to let them bray kick up their heals and show their behinds just as they did. They've shown everyone the represent anyone but American citizens and want open borders to let drugs and trafficking continue unimpeded. If we have something other than a physical barrier they can defund that quietly at a later time and we're back to the same place we are now.
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