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Thursday, September 20, 2018


New Uscis Office Investigating Thousands Who Got Us Citizenship Through Identity Fraud

Couple more articles with good news. The swamp which permitted this and many other things is being drained.




Maybe they can go after not just stolen SS numbers, also stolen medical insurance.
These illegals must be laughing at us, they know this would never wash in their countries, but here they can get all kinds of free stuff, steal a persons identity and half the country will give them sanctuary.
This would be great, but I'm sure some activist judge will rule that it's racist.

There's an empty house next to me, owned by an Hispanic guy. I do not know if he's here legally, but I hope so. Anyway, he bought the house, fixed it up to HUD standards and had an illegal living there for a while. It's empty now, but he keeps a pickup in the driveway and the utilities on and I suspect he's still got his scam going on. That's just on my block and I've talked to others here who say the same thing is happening all over town.   That's in one town, this small one, just imagine how many more instances like this there are?

Find these frauds, deport them and use the money to help our wounded vets, give a bit more to the deserving and truly needy in our nation and alleviate the taxes on the rest of us.
Many thanks konane

Mike, we just don't know the full extent of these surreptitious activities that flourished and encouraged during Clinton/Obama debacle

Meantime the multi undermining surreptitious acts have been rampant on the Clinton/Obama watch.

It was like open field day for free!

Our constitutionalism and hard won liberties have been undermined, trampled, undermined, disrespected and reviled.We need to get our country back ..hard work for sure. President Trump must continue to shrink our government which is completely out of hand.

"It's not tyranny we desire; it's a JUST, LIMITED, FEDERAL government."
~Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father &First Secretary of Treasury.

As Americans we must raise our conciseness to be alert to these seen & unseen negative forces, that we don't know, that affect us much more than what we do know.....

Thanks Sully. Go after it and cut off the flow.
Thanks Mike. I think your remedy is appropriate.
Thanks Eddessa. Add GW into the mix. He did little or nothing to even curb it. Lots of talk no action.
We could...and should...confiscate all their cash and property they have b/c it was certainly gained illegally. That could be earmarked for The Wall. I used to think that when we caught them, in lieu of jail time, we could sentence them to a few months of hard labor helping to build it.

I've always wonder why the unions, generally aligned with the left, haven't screamed bloody murder about the influx of cheap labor that certainly hurts the American worker. The Dems want the potential votes and Big Business wants the cheap labor.

I have two friends, one with a construction business (sheet rock) and the other who owned a roofing business and they had to sell out and change occupations since no one would hire them at their prices. They tried to compete with the inexpensive labor, but they couldn't hire any citizens who wanted to work that cheaply.

I also know of three people who had wrecks with uninsured illegal drivers and were SOL. One guy I knew had bought his dream car, one of those Smoky and the Bandit Trans-Am's. It was beat all to heck, but he still paid a lot of cash for it. He did some of the work himself, but had the paint done professionally for some (to my thinking) huge amt. of money. He went and got it out of the paint shop and was driving it to get insurance and then on to get it inspected and tagged and was hit a block away from the insurance place. The illegal was drunk and was arrested, but got bailed out within an hour or two...and then promptly disappeared.

The local paper's arrest report used to look like a page out of the Juarez phone book.

I have some great Hispanic friends and of course, living in Texas, have known and worked with hundreds and hundreds of them, but as far as I knew, most of them were born here. I like the influence their culture has had on this region, but many illegals don't want to assimilate and some of their culture needs to be left back in Mexico. I have some neighbors down the block that butcher goats all the time. I hate to hear the bleating as the animal's throats are slit. (we raised goats when I was a kid and pop would put some food down for 'em and then shoot them in the head just as they started eating, don't think they ever realized what had happened and I am positive they didn't feel much pain) and then they throw the hide and offal into the dumpsters. I'm dreading the cooler fall and winter, that's when they butcher hogs...and they do them the same way.

A small Baptist church just up the road has a hard time keeping the graffiti off their activity building's outer walls. Now, it COULD be local white thugs doing it, but I wonder why they'd spray paint "Viva La Raza"?

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a bigot, and don't think I am. I just don't think people realize just how bad the problem is.   I don't know how many there are here illegally and it's not just Mexicans. I've heard from 12 to 30 million. I read an article just the other day that said there were over 60 million households that didn't speak English, but that really doesn't mean a lot, but it still makes me wonder.
Thanks Mike. I feel anyone who immigrates to any country anywhere has an obligation to do their best to assimilate into the culture of that country, not work to transform the culture of that country into the one they came from.
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